Globant in Colombia Chapter I: Bogotá

December 30, 2019

Globant in Colombia was first established in Bogotá in 2011. 

Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds, from having one office to having four in two different cities. Each of these has expanded over the years, making Globant an increasingly bigger and even more fun company.

Actually, it’s one of the biggest software companies in the country.

Nowadays, we have two offices in Bogotá: one is called Salitre and the other one Chicó. Both received names of the neighborhoods in which they are located.

Each one of these sites has certain characteristics that differentiate it from the other, but they are part of the global Globant culture.

The Salitre office is located near El Dorado Airport on 26th Street. Today the neighborhood is one of the most sought-after sectors of the country among Colombian and foreign investors.

Builders, hotel chains, malls, and business centers have focused their attention on this area, making it what can be called a “city within the city.”

The Chicó office is located towards the north of the city, near the ‘T Zone’: a local hotspot for luxury brand stores, hotels, and some of the most exclusive bars. 

Several of Globant’s biggest global events are held in Salitre, such as the Hackatrix, in partnership with Belatrix, which in the past had more than 300 attendees

About the Salitre office

Globant Salitre hosts three or four events per week in the Chill Outs. These spaces are also used by Globers to relax, play, interact, and have fun.

In Salitre our main attraction is the bowling alley, where you can play for a while with your teammates. There are also darts, ping pong and pool tables, and lots of arcade machines. In fact, the Salitre office was awarded the IIDA International Interior Design Architecture award for the second time early this year.

And more about the Chicó office…

Although Chicó doesn’t host as many events as Salitre, we never forget that having fun is part of our culture. It is actually one of our values.

We have a slide in the middle of our site, a terrace to play soccer-tennis and have barbecues, and a bright, vibrant design that shows Globant’s true colors. 

As part of our “Have Fun” culture, we have some cool initiatives:

  • Globers participate in the office decoration process: they not only choose meeting room names, but they also collaborate with drawings and funny pictures for the walls and blackboards.
  • Every site celebrates Halloween simultaneously and the Globers with the best costumes win a prize. This has become a tradition in Colombia!
  • We hosted our Delivery Summit, LATAM Edition last July, an event focused on Globant’s delivery and technology teams. We had colorful traditional Colombian hats, flags everywhere, and of course, lechona for lunch! 

On December 6th, we opened our brand new offices in Conecta! Watch this video to have a sneak peek of this fabulous place, that even includes a mechanical bull to ride!

If you ever want to stop by…

Hope you get the chance to visit our Bogotá offices someday. If you are nearby or looking for a cool team to join, consider applying. And stay tuned! The story of Globant in Colombia will continue soon…

Check out our highlight story on Instagram about our offices in @globantpics. Each one has its own story to tell.

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