The Delivery Summit – Latam Edition was an event focused on Globant’s delivery and technology teams. It was an all-day event that was organized simultaneously in 17 different cities. More than 1300 Globers from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Perú, Colombia and Mexico got the opportunity to learn from one another, celebrate the power of team building, and aim for a single delivery identity.

The event was opened by Martin Migoya (CEO and Co-founder), Guibert Englebienne (CTO and Co-founder), Patricia Pomies (Chief Delivery Officer) among other special guests. The agenda included talks and workshops about how to scale delivery teams, strategy and governance, how to boost leadership with soft skills, among other topics.

Glober Fernando Faganello from Buenos Aires commented: “It was great to have the chance to connect and view the full picture while having fun and connect with the bigger team out of the routine”. Glober John Ladino from Bogotá also commented:“It’s great to have a moment to convey and share experiences, hear from the top management and discuss issues that matter to all.”

It was an event that inspired passion for what we do. We discussed different topics and demonstrated everything we are capable of when working as a team. Stay tuned for US, EMEA and India editions!

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