Globant offices around the world: We love them!

September 27, 2019

Today, we have more than 40 Globant offices around the globe, with more than 9000 Globers! You might say we are everywhere.

Across all countries, we share the same culture and the same values, and we know that this is what makes us strong and unique. But also, we share a taste for fun offices.

Some fun facts

  • The biggest and newest of our Globant offices is the one located in Pune, India and our smallest is in Chicago (it may be small, but our heart there is really big). Since Pune is the biggest office, you can also find the biggest chill-out, a gigantic chessboard and giant snake-shaped slides. You can also find a real truck inside the office!
Discover the most exciting office facts about Globant's Pune.
Yes, we have slides in our office!
  • Globant Medellin is situated on the 21st floor. This office is the highest one. Kinda tough if you suffer from vertigo… But, if you like soccer, you can have fun with our penalty simulator.
Explore some unique fun office facts about Globant Medellin, perched on the 21st floor, offering a breathtaking view (unless you have vertigo) and an exciting penalty simulator for soccer enthusiasts!
We dare you to look out the window without feeling dizzy!
  • Our first office is in the Laminar Building in Retiro, Buenos Aires. We have a ball pit where we can chill, or hold a meeting!
Delve into fun office facts about our very first office located in the Laminar Building in Retiro, Buenos Aires, featuring a unique ball pit that's not just for fun but also for creative meetings!
We work hard, but we also have spaces to feel like a kid again 🙂
  • We have two more offices in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: One in San Telmo called Southpark, another in Nuñez called Northpark, and in Retiro it is called Central Park. Guess what? Our hallway is modeled after the real Central Park in NYC!
Explore fascinating fun office facts about Globant's Buenos Aires offices.
Close your eyes and imagine that you are in Central Park!
  • Since we have a presence in more than 17 countries, you can imagine that we have all kinds of views. Globant Tucumán, in Argentina, has the most beautiful sight. You can see the Cordillera de Los Andes.
Explore fun office facts, including the stunning natural beauty at Globant Tucumán, Argentina, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Cordillera de Los Andes from your workplace.
So beautiful!
  • Globant Bogotá is the office with the most Globers. To stay creative and fun, we have soccer-tennis and bowling.
Discover exciting fun office facts about Globant Bogotá, the office with the most Globers, where creativity thrives through activities like soccer-tennis and bowling.
Can you do five strikes in a row?
  • In Mar de Plata, Buenos Aires, we have an aquarium and an exhibition of seashells!
Dive into fun office facts about our Mar de Plata office in Buenos Aires, where you can explore an on-site aquarium and a fascinating exhibition of seashells, adding a splash of wonder to the workday!
Shell yeah!
Dive into fun office facts about our Mar de Plata, Buenos Aires location, boasting an aquarium and an enchanting exhibition of seashells, adding a touch of wonder to the workplace experience.
Under the sea…darling it’s better!
  • Our Mexico Office has a Velcro wall, so you can jump with a sticky suit and get stuck!
Explore fun office facts about our Mexico Office, where you can experience a unique Velcro wall activity, donning a sticky suit and taking the leap for a memorable and fun adventure!
Jump, fly and stick!

In conclusion…

Despite our geographies that differ, what we have in common is greater than our differences. Technology, innovation, team spirit, and having fun unite us. Our offices are a reflection of just that.

More fun facts and news about other Globant offices are coming soon.

Stay tuned!



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