10 powerful ways to create an innovative digital culture

April 21, 2021

The organizations of the future will be led by those individuals who dare to challenge the status quo. They foresee what is coming, following a path to reinvention that takes risks, and changes the rules of what we thought possible.

Digital native organizations grow by understanding that technology is much more than a tool. It drives innovation, and when that innovation is embedded into a company’s DNA, it contributes to both their success and the success of their clients.

How can organizations encourage a culture of innovation? Check out these 10 highlights: 

1. Recognize disruptors that lead positive change. Globant is about to launch the Digital Disruptors Globant Award to recognize the leaders of digital change, those who promote a culture of innovation to create a way forward into a sustainable future. We aim to give visibility to those individuals that stand out and go the extra mile in order to guarantee their companies stay at the frontline of the digital revolution. 

2. Adopt a future-centric approach. Companies today face an accelerated need to reinvent themselves, multiply their impact, and enable a path for future success. To move businesses forward, Globant has created a strategy with six core pillars that transform organizations from stagnant to what we call “Augmented Organizations”. These pillars are Technology & Data, Augmented Capabilities, Sustainable Business Strategy, Culture & Agility, Engaging Experiences, and Adaptive Organizations. 

3. Implement a set of accelerators. Becoming an Augmented Organization is more than adopting a single technology. It is a fundamental shift in how a company operates. In many cases, it requires a cultural change alongside complex technological and organizational changes. It means building an organization that knows how to use technology, culture, and trends to unleash its own potential. Globant uses artificial intelligence in everything we do, either as a disruptor or an accelerator, and we help our clients to do the same.

4. Create a culture of empowerment and belonging. Diversity and inclusion are key to Globant’s business: they encourage innovation and bring us closer to our customers and the communities with which we work. Within the framework of Be Kind, our commitment to sustainability, we have developed impactful initiatives focused on gender equality, cultural diversity and, inclusion. 

5. Adopt the agile PODs methodology. As a services company, we deploy PODs to deliver services in order to meet strategic, creative, and production goals for our clients. The agile PODs framework is Globant’s service delivery model for teams, providing a context-adaptive maturity journey. Each POD is in constant pursuit of excellence and growth to achieve effectiveness. 

6. Offer a self-learning journey to your employees. At Globant, we decided to strengthen our talent development strategy in order to further boost the abilities and skills of our teams. Globant University is a platform that integrates all educational experiences and was created to boost each Glober’s learning opportunities. We want Globers to own their careers, motivating them to build their own path of professional development while providing them with everything necessary to accomplish it.

7. Support your employees with significant experiences. We provide comprehensive benefits, perks, and experiences to our Globers which meet and anticipate their needs in every step of their journey. This way we attract and retain top talent. Well-being, work-life balance, and having fun, are our top priorities. 

8. Inspire people with an innovative event. Globant’s Converge executive event brings together some of the best creative minds in the industry for one amazing day of igniting stories, inventive ideas, learning experiences, and “wow” technology showcases that enable attendees to re-think the new ways they do business. In 2020, all Converge events went completely virtual, allowing lecturers and participants from all over the world to come together in innovative forms of collaboration between industries, organizations, and civil society.

9. Boost the entrepreneurial spirit. Globant was born as a start up. It was built by entrepreneurs, and over the years, many Globers have made a difference by creating and dreaming big with us. Entrepreneurship is the inner force that moves us to deliver digital and cognitive transformations. We encourage our Globers to dream and make more meaningful and rewarding experiences for our customers. For example, to empower that vision, in the past we created events such as the iFactor Contest.  An internal contest, this is a way of looking for new approaches and original ideas to add value to Globant or to one of our customers, emphasizing innovation, scalability, and commercial viability.

10. Support technology-based startups. With all the experience acquired at Globant, we seek to support startups, providing the business and technological expertise to enable them to grow rapidly and transform into companies that generate a real impact on the world.

At Globant we want to continue contributing to cultures that empower innovation. Take advantage of our Digital Disruptors Globant Awards and help us recognize disruptors who seek to make an impact and inspire those eager to lead change. To learn more, apply, or nominate someone, click here.

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