Cover Story: Pato Spallatti from the Gaming Studio

January 8, 2019

Meet Pato Spallatti, Lead Producer at the Gaming Studio – Globant Buenos Aires
Pato is Lead Producer at the Gaming Studio. He joined Globant 5 years ago and started as Product Champion, position today known as “Game Producer.” He’s involved in the development of AAA games. Get to know him a little more through this Cover Story!

– What is your current role at Globant?

I’m a Tech Manager level 4, though my job position would be “Lead Producer.” I manage  the Production Area at the Gaming Studio

-How did your journey start at Globant?

I started as “Product Champion”  five years ago. The role of product champion defines Globers who work with products. At the time there were no “Game Producers.” Eventually, I took an opportunity with the Gaming Studio, so I changed areas.

-What is the biggest lesson that you learned at Globant?

Always finding the way of delivering a better service and going beyond what the client asks without getting stuck with the client’s idea. Doing this opens doors to more business, clients and enables you to a continuous personal challenge and learning opportunities.

– How many AAA games has Globant worked on?

Around 41 games that were successfully launched to the market.

– Tell us briefly what is an AAA game …

It’s impossible to define them at a general level. Games that are called AAA games are the best in the market. If they were movies, they would be Hollywood movies. Usually, the games that are expensive and require a high budget are called AAA, they are the best in the market and are developed by the best companies in the world. In its development, hundreds of people are involved, and the teams spread all around the world.

– Which profiles are involved in a game of this kind?

The great thing about AAA games is that several profiles are involved in the development and multidisciplinary teams are built. From the very essential, such as designers, developers, artists and QA, to musicians, scriptwriters, voice actors and actresses, etc. In the professional level, it’s really nutritive and you learn a lot about other disciplines.

– What course of studies should someone pursue if they want to develop video games?

Informatic engineering or something related to systems if they want to work as developers. In Buenos Aires, there are private institutes that count with specific courses or careers in video games, but that depends on the city.

The nice thing about working in video games is that almost any specialization has its utility in games. For example, if you consider yourself a good leader, you can pursue an area of studies and become a Project Manager. If you have little experience but you like video games, you can become Quality Assurance and if you are talented and are good at drawing you can be a 2D artist.

-In which Globant office can we find the Gaming Studio?

Nowadays we have development teams in Buenos Aires, Tandil, Córdoba and we are also in Montevideo (Uruguay) and Minsk (Belarus). We are considering the possibility of expanding to Colombia, soon… Are you ready?

– How long have you been organizing Game Jams? Why is it good to participate?

2015 was the first time we hosted a Global Game Jam at Globant, so this will be the 4th edition. The nice thing about the Global Game Jams is that people from different backgrounds share a common passion of making video games and they get together. People that don’t know how to do games can also join, to participate and collaborate.

This result is really nice and in a relaxed environment with the ultimate challenge of building a video game in 48 hours or just a weekend.

This is something that allows all participants to be creative.

-Which stamp is missing in your passport? – not necessarily for Globant.

Japan and Korea are two countries that I would die to visit.

– How would you explain your job to a 5-year-old kid?

You know when the teacher organizes a game? S/he explains all rules, gives you the things to play, how to play, how to win, and how teams are structured. Well, a producer does the same. At the time of creating a game, all participants know exactly what to do and are experts in a particular area. That’s how a video game is developed, trying to make it as fun as possible.

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