The weekend from Jan. 26 through Jan. 28, Globant hosted the Global Game Jam, the world’s largest event focused on the development and creation of games. More than 150 people attended the event in the different Globant sites in Argentina: North Park (Bs. As.), Mar del Plata and Bahía Blanca, to enjoy a great gaming weekend.

“(…) The event was so much fun and really well-organised. Every year it is better, more people, more contests and more finished games! Also, I could destinate more time to people that needed help with their games, so I had a great time! I could even finish my game on time”, said Alejandro Alvarez Melucci, Glober attendee at Global Game Jam in Mar del Plata.

Regarding the backstage of the Global Game JAM in Mar del Plata, one of the organisers, Glober Mariano Mariscal, expressed: “The event was excellent, we filled all the seats people have booked (…) Our offices were a great space to do it and really comfortable. The Gaming Studio’s support for buying snacks, food and drinks were awesome”.

Santiago Lirio Diaz, Glober from Bahía Blanca, says that even though there is little time to develop games the best of the event is being in contact with so many people that share their knowledge, and expressed: “you learn a lot”.

“Great games were made. We hope we do it again! Said Federico Calendino, Glober from Bahía Blanca.

“Thanks to all who made the event possible. It was my sixth Global Game Jam, and to me, Globant’s office was the location that resulted most comfortable”, said Luciano Pites, Glober from Buenos Aires.

Take a look at the pictures | Get to know the games! 


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