Cover Story: Leandro Mora, Subject Matter Expert in the Big Data Studio

July 15, 2019

Meet Leonardo Mora, Subject Matter Expert – Globant Buenos Aires
Here at Globant, our Globers represent and live our culture. Cover Stories are a space to feature recognized Globers. In this edition, meet Leandro Mora, Subject Matter Expert in the Big Data Studio at Globant Buenos Aires.

– How did you become part of Globant’s team?

It was more than seven years ago. I recall I was a young engineering student without any work experience. I was curious to know if I was a good fit for the industry and if what I imagined to be a daily work routine was realistic.
One day I found a bootcamp at Globant on a job finder site. This opportunity was for young engineering students, pretty similar to the 500 scholarships that Globant is offering these days.
“A huge company is offering the opportunity to learn how to code in a practical and modern way, why not take this opportunity?” I thought.
After the bootcamp, I had an interview at Globant’s office followed by a job offer as an entry-level Trainee Software Engineer.
Today, I am the Technical Leader in a group of talented Globers focused on providing data services to an international 3D design software company.

– What happened next? How was your first work experience?

People say that the first project is never easy and I can confirm that statement. However, Globant understood my normal limitations and fit the tasks to my capacity. I had an excellent mentor (who years later became the TL of an important client’s disruptive project) and a very professional Technical Leader.
Globant’s framework gave me a smooth ramp-up in the industry, letting me lay the foundation of knowledge I needed to grow in my career years later.

– What is a typical work day at Globant?

It’s hard to say because I don’t have a fixed routine. It’s a blend of meeting with clients, having technical discussions with the team, spending hours coding with background music, and studying something new to stay relevant.
Apart from that, I regularly attend conferences and train myself in new technologies. For instance, last year Globant gave me the opportunity to become certified as a Google Professional Data Engineer.
In addition, I’ve had the chance to travel to visit clients and other Globant offices. I’ve traveled to Medellin, Santiago, Montevideo, and San Francisco!
I hope that my next trip is a visit to the Madrid offices (which, I heard are in front of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium).

– What do you think makes Globant different?

Everything. Globant is unique. In my opinion, Globant is one step forward. We have been doing digital, cognitive, and cultural transformations far before it was present in the news. Globant learned from the best companies in Silicon Valley and added our secret sauce. You can see this in our clients’ feedback, in the place we are given at the table, and in the projects we’re working on at Globant.

– What has been the greatest thing that you’ve learned at Globant, so far?

To embrace diversity. At the beginning, it was shocking to work on PODs with Globers and clients from different locations and cultures. However, I learned to open up my mind and give space to other points of view. This has lead us towards creating amazing services for our customers.

– What opportunities do you see at Globant for your career

I like to say that you can blaze your own trail at Globant. We are allowed to work with passion and enjoy our work. It’s full of opportunities. Here, we are able to participate in projects with different technologies, work for clients from different industries, learn from specialists from other studies, and interact with Globers from other cultures.
Last but not least, Globant grows in a way that is truly amazing. When I started, we had fewer than 2000 people and now we have almost 10 thousand. This is directly translated into more clients, projects, and opportunities for everyone.

– If you could say one thing to people who are just starting their careers as Techs, what would you say?

”Be ready for a unique and joyful experience because, at Globant, you can challenge the status quo”.

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