Cover Story: Globant Founders—interests, hobbies, and trips | Part 2

December 17, 2018

In the end, they are a group of friends who have built a large company together. Get to know them better in this article!

  • Tell us about you and your hobbies and passions.

Nestor Nocetti (NaN): One of my passions is photography—I love it. I don’t have much time to dedicate to it, though. I love reading practically any topic. I like reading science fiction and technology-related books: AI books, Blockchain, etc.
Guibert Englebienne (GE): I love outdoor life, I love navigating, or sports like kitesurfing, skiing, and obviously, I like partying. I love social life. I love being surrounded by people that are really thinking about doing different things and thinking big.
Martin Umaran (MU): I love playing golf, but I don’t play much. I love reading Latin American novels and historical novels. Apart from Globant, I belong to a non-profit organization so that I can give something back to the community.
Martin Migoya (MM): I enjoy my job a lot; that’s one of the essential things. Independently from my job, I love building teams, being with my friends and family, and doing lots of things that have to do with the social side of my job. I have been a musician since I was 12 years old. I produce music, I make music, I have my band, we play, and we really enjoy it. Music, for me, is meditation, a way to stop thinking about other things. That’s my great hobby and passion.

  • Which is the most exotic place you’ve been because of Globant?

GE: There was a time we came up with the idea of being the first company in the world to develop software in Antarctica.
MM: The idea? We made it!
GE: Some time later, the Argentinian Air Force invited us to spend a weekend in Antarctica. So we traveled with Martin in a Hercules flight… You can’t imagine the noise, the heat inside that machine.
GE: Hercules broke down.
MM: We got stuck in Rio Gallegos. When it tried to take off, it lost a flap. We never made it to Antarctica, and we turned that weekend into a great one of fly fishing.
NaN: I have been to the Goddess Temple—I don’t remember the name—in Pune. It was really amazing. More than just sightseeing, I love observing the people who come and go, and seeing how they behave. I understood a lot about India by seeing how people behave, what they did in the temple—a great temple that you have to see to appreciate.

  • What is one word that describes each of you?

MU: Nestor is the most generous guy that I know, and he is really intellectual too.
MM: He helped us pass our exams in college.
MU: It may seem like not that big of a deal, but it really shows in his character… . I’m sure that he is 80% more intelligent than he is generous. If we talk about Guibert, everyone will say that he is creative and focused.
NaN: Yes, totally. He is super focused. People think that he is delirious, but if he wants something, he focuses on that and he gets it. His non-stop creativity makes him think about things that at first seem delirious, but after a while, you see that they are really centered. He is more rational than people think. Regarding Martin M, people think that his great virtue is tenacity. His tenacity isn’t reckless—it is very rational, and I think few people know that. This virtue comes from knowing what he wants and going in that direction tenaciously, which is not the same as wanting to go somewhere and pushing recklessly the whole way.
MM: And Martín U is clearly a very, very thoughtful person. [They all laugh.]
GE: If I had to say something about Nestor I would say that he carries great goodness. He is a guy with whom you can always get along; it’s amazing. Martín Umaran is a gentleman. He is always attentive to details. And Martín Migoya is like a locomotive: he is very driven. … He is unstoppable, and always comes up with ideas out of nowhere.
MM: Now it’s my turn to return the kindness. … Nestor was indeed the one that made us pass our exams because he explained everything to us. … He was the first person with whom I started a business, and since then, we have been making things together. … Guibert is continually surprising you with things because his mind works at a high speed. I think that we complement each other well because we challenge what each other says and then put the resulting ideas into practice. … He is a person who is challenging himself all the time, who is driven, who has a lot of creativity and thinks outside of the box. … And lastly, Martín is the person who saved me from messing up. [They all laugh.]
NaN: [One] thing that can really characterize us is this: Martín Migoya is clearly the fire, Guibert clearly is the air, Umaran is the water (because of how he make things flow) and I am left with being the earth.
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