This article is the first of a two-part series about the Globant Founders. Globant turned 15 years old this year, and to celebrate we wanted to know how the founders live an ordinary day in the company and a bit more about them.

Martín Migoya (CEO), Guibert Englebienne (CTO), Martín Umaran (Chief of Staff) and Nestor Nocetti ( EVP Corporate Affairs) are Globant’s four founders. Even though their daily tasks are very diverse, the four of them are still a great group of friends and they build an even greater company.

  • What is a normal day like for you? What do you do every day?

Martin Umaran (MU): I remember when Globant started, and I would get up, and the first thing I did at 7am was read the emails that I had from England because we had an operation there. Things haven’t changed that much: you get up, you come to the office, you confront the issues, you have meetings. One changes because the company changes; the type of pressures you’re under changes from immediate to more long-term. This implies a great transformation.

Martin Migoya (MM): One of the fundamental things that stayed the same during these 15 years of joint work was humility. Everyday, we know we have to take steps in the right direction. I believe that that has remained unchanged in these 15 years. But my day usually starts with a little exercise, and I read a couple of emails and answer some Whatsapp messages. And then I try to do the same thing every morning, which is impersonating. Get out of my own head and try to think, what would someone better than I do in my place?

Nestor Nocetti (NaN): I think what you just said is important. We are the four very different, and something very remarkable is that we have all been able to transmit that humility. We have been very perseverant at work, and capable of putting together a team from scratch.

Guibert Englebienne (GE): Complementing what Martin says, I think we like to do what we do. We do it because we enjoy it very much, and we continually challenge ourselves.

  • What do you like the least about your day to day?

MU: What frustrates me is when things happen that you already knew would happen. When you see that you are going the wrong way, and you still go in that direction till you hit the ground. Then, when you get stuck in a routine, very stressed by one thing or another, and you want to leave, and you want to jump from there, but you cannot jump.

NaN: It’s very difficult for me to avoid procrastinating. Many times you know that what you have to do is not difficult, so you leave it for the last thousandth of a second.

MM: There are certain things that you realise as the years go by, and the first is that you can’t do the things you don’t like—you just can’t. Sometimes you have no choice and you have to figure it out, but you cannot be let yourself get stuck doing what you don’t want to do.

  • Why do you think people like to know about you and about Globant?

GE: I feel like Globant is mainly known because we do things that people like to talk about. That’s why I think we have a good relationship with the press. They see us as a case study that stands out, that’s nice to reference. … In cases like ours, people can say, “I saw them start, I saw them grow, I saw them win,” and it seems to me that that makes a good, inspiring story.

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