Cover Story: Connecting Voices

June 25, 2021

This Pride Month we wanted to do something special to find out what makes us unique. As humans, we’re 99% genetically the same, and it’s the 1% that sets us apart and makes us unique. It makes us stand out and gather the value that everyone brings to forge a different and daring future. So, what makes YOU unique? 

We believe it’s a difficult question to answer, but we have gathered some Globers that will help us with this. 

I’m unique by being part of a double minority in the US, both gay and Chinese. This provides me a unique lens through which to view the intersectionality of both race and sexuality and how my Asian-ness affects my standing within the gay community, as well as how my gay-ness affects my standing within the Asian American community.

Kevin Tsang. Seattle, US.

For me, being unique is to set aside all labels and be yourself, do what you are passionate about, love who you want to love, embrace your differences and be authentic. I am a Latin woman living and working in the US, I have always pursued my goals and dreams and I want to be that referent for the rest of my community.

Flor Gomez. US

Being unique also means being recognized as who we are. At Globant, we promote respect and empathy for diverse points of view, beliefs, and passions, because, as we say: there is no innovation without diversity, and there is no improvement without plurality. 

Diversity makes us stronger and unique, this applies to all of us, regardless of race, gender, nationality, the company – or any other categorization. What does this mean? Very simple: we need a community that supports each other, that recognizes its members by who they are, and makes them feel proud about their accomplishments. 

What does a community mean for you and why do we need to be part of a community?

A community means a safe space, where we all can come together, share experiences and learn from each other. It’s where each of us feels ownership and belonging at the same time, and where we’re free to express, discuss, and sometimes even dissent, but at the end of the day growing together. We need to be part of a community because we all have something in common. We might not share the same values or interests but there’s an intersection we all share and a community helps us identify all those intersecting identities and values so we can find a middle ground where we can pursue a bigger objective.

Hiram Perez. México City, México

I think that meeting other people like me helps me not to feel that way, to not feel like I am a weirdo or something out of the ordinary, and to have a normal life. We need communities, we need representation, being present and visible represents a lot for many people.

Mati Pedernera. Córdoba, Argentina.

Being part of a community at Globant could mean many different things. A big community -our whole company is a big community of Globers- or a small group of peers who have come together because of something they have in common or believe in. The real challenge is how we connect the dots of thousands of Globers with different perspectives and needs to build strong communities based on respect and empathy. How do we connect to build virtual communities and establish a sense of connection (even though we don’t meet, or in the same country, or don’t share the same cultural background)? 

Despite the cultural differences, I believe that most of us in the LGBTIQ+ community have faced the same challenges, to accept ourselves, and to feel accepted; this makes it possible for a gay man from Colombia and a trans woman from India to connect on a deeper level. And in a world that is becoming more globalized every day, it is not surprising that the LGBIQ+ community is more united around the world. 

Juan Londono. Medellín, Colombia

Globant has something very interesting in each work team and that is that we are generally multicultural since our day-to-day lives are developed between Colombians, Argentines, Mexicans, Peruvians, and more. This helps us forge these communities and even create spaces that are solely focused on moments of sharing personal experiences among others.

Jorge Suarez. Bogotá, Colombia

We need to build a future in which we’re able to integrate technology into our lives to help our essential need for connection and emotion. Technology has been crucial to helping us build spaces that we feel part of. But what about our industry? How can people from majority groups support minority groups and communities?

Creating spaces where we can share information about hobbies or even casual talks. By creating activities or encouraging talking and sharing, we can find the common points that bring us closer despite the differences, as well as to know those differences that enrich us.

Clara Cattaneo. Córdoba, Argentina.

We build a more inclusive workspace by getting people to engage in constructive dialogue about the areas and processes they feel are lacking or in need of improvement to give them a safe space and a respectful environment, along with providing suggestions and actions to increase diversity (outreach programs, learning boot camps, etc) within our expertise area. 

Hiram Perez. México City, México

How do we work together to build a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and safe workspace for all? 

The journey towards a more inclusive future does not only lie in celebrating LGBTQ + Pride for several days but in the elaboration of political measures that protect our rights with an education in schools and universities, as well as promoting constant visibility of the lgtbq+ community in companies through which diverse gender identities and sexualities are openly embraced and accepted.

Companies in the IT sector such as Globant, not only provide a healthy ecosystem for LGBTQ + support communities to emerge in different regions, but also provide job opportunities and training to people from the community who have not had the chance (due to various reasons) of accessing higher education or job opportunities. 

Tracy Leveau. Lima, Perú 

Communication and visibility is a very good place to start, we all have been at workspaces where we feel kind of accepted, but it is not until this acceptance is spoken aloud where we truly feel it, especially when we are part of a minority or marginalized group. Empathy and active listening go a long way, it is easy to dismiss other people’s feelings when you don’t feel the same way or when you have gone through the same experiences. 

Caridad Valenzuela. México City, México

There is a long way ahead in this journey of building a more inclusive and diverse digital industry. There is a lot more than just the Pride Month celebrations. There are millions of voices, actions, people that we want to celebrate, every day, not just this month. 

At Globant, we believe that unlimited voices bring unlimited power. We know that the multiplicity of Globers, from different backgrounds, is what makes us unique. It’s what sparkles our creativity, what makes us build a collaborative culture where we all stand out. 

How are you connecting innovative ways of transforming the world into a better place?

We can all do our bit to build inclusive, diverse, equitable, and safe workspaces. But this does not always come alone, people need someone to show them that something is happening to make it happen. In my personal experience, since I joined Globant I have seen how communication with everyone is this way. There is incredible respect for everyone. 

Jorge Suarez. Bogotá, Colombia

I recently entered Globant and found that here there are many opportunities to design a more inclusive future. At the moment I am participating in the local LGBTQ+ community and looking forward to contributing to other initiatives.

Jahlil Concha. Lima, Perú

Every day, but especially during this month, we invite you to join us in building a more inclusive space. Let’s stand together and celebrate our differences, ensuring everyone is treated with dignity and respect. 

Be proud of yourself. 

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