Inter departmental team at work

Achieving the digital transformation of an organization is not a one-team job. It’s a cross-departmental task. Digital Transformation is a unified vision that grows the organization from within to achieve glory in the market. Hence, the technical and business sect of the organization has to work in unison. The IT and Business teams more often than others.

We have all faced challenges of cross-departmental collaboration.

The silos formed between the teams stunt overall digital growth. There are various reasons for the rift between departments, especially the IT and Business teams. Both sides have individual motivations, and they don’t agree with the priorities each of the team has. As a result, there is fallout.

Although different perspectives from each team are useful, it brings fresh and diverse ideas into play. However, while considering them, leaders should make sure that the views align with the unified vision. The best practice is to remind the teams to plan and prioritize according to the organizational goals: a shared vision.

How can IT and Business team build a strong partnership between themselves?

Informed and transparent communication is one way. The IT team shouldn’t be saddled away as the ultimate function to execute the business team’s plan or commitments. IT should be part of business planning from the very beginning. Before presenting a solution to the client, business teams should review the strategy with the IT team to assess the possibilities. IT, in turn, can pitch in a better plan technically, to provide an improved idea to the original one. The ultimate go-to-market solution will be more productive and affordable.

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Our White paper: Blending technical and domain expertise to drive domain growth.

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