Globant launches the “Globant Awards – Women that Build Edition” to continue promoting women in technology

September 18, 2020


Imagine a world where innovation depends exclusively on a group of equal people, who think and work in a similar way, who see things from the same point of view and make related decisions. Without diversity, there is no room for creativity, for finding new ideas and different solutions, it would be a world without innovation.  

Imagine also a world where women, without cultural stereotypes that have conditioned their vocation as girls, choose to study and develop in the technology sector, who can access, lead technology teams and projects and are recognized for their potential and trajectory. The gender gap in the sector (3 out of 10 workers are women) shows that we are far from this reality

Currently, these two problems coexist, affecting in the first place the personal and professional development of women and negatively impacting the capacity for innovation and growth of the sector, and ultimately, of society.  

At Globant, we are determined to change this by inspiring and empowering women and non-binary people to participate in careers linked to the technological field, thus creating a more diverse and inclusive industry



An award to enhance the talent of women in IT 



With the focus on reducing the gender gap in the sector, we launch the “Globant Awards: Women that Build Edition,” which recognizes leading women for promoting inclusion in the industry and promising young women who have demonstrated their potential to innovate in technology. 

At Globant, we want to stop imagining a diverse world and start building it. Through this award, we seek to inspire women to study, undertake and work in the scientific and technological sector. 

In this first edition of the “Globant Awards, Women that Build edition,” the selection process will have instances in each country and a global final, where four categories will be awarded. 

  • Technology Executive: We will recognize a woman with a STEM degree or similar professional background with a leadership position (a C-level executive, VP, Director, or managerial role) who is an inspiration to both women and the industry at large.
  • Game-Changer: We will recognize a leading professional, without formal training in STEM, who holds a leadership position (a C-level executive, VP, Director, or managerial role) who has made a direct impact in the IT industry. 
  • Rising Star: We will recognize a woman under the age of 26, or with less than 10 years of experience in IT, who demonstrates innovation through the use of technology, has high potential as a role model for her peers, has a history of self-improvement, and/or has progressed rapidly in her career.

With the presence of a panel of judges made up of specialists from the academic and business world, and NGOs specialized in the empowerment and training of women, the winners will be selected taking as criteria the social impact, the innovation provided, the journey and the commitment. 

The submission of applications, with a free call, will be available from September 9 to November 4, 2020. Subsequently, the finalists will be announced on December. 

To know more about the award, you can visit



Women that Build: A program to boost inclusive talent


With the conviction of creating a fairer society, where women have the same opportunities as men, Globant develops Women that Build, a program that integrates all the initiatives designed for women and non-binary people to reach their highest potential in every moment of their career path.    

Our commitment is to generate substantial changes, both within our organization and in society. Therefore, for 2025, we have set two objectives: that 10,000 women from around the world get inspired and trained in technology and to achieve a 50% of women and non-binary people in managerial positions. Women that Build is part of our Be Kind commitment, where Globant further reinforces its sustainability strategy seeking to positively impact the world.

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