“Globant for you” allows us to continue supporting Globers during the lockdown

July 23, 2020


At Globant, we are known for creating collaborative work environments that are open and flexible and that stimulate creativity, job satisfaction, and the well-being of all our Globers and their families.

With this spirit in mind, Globant for You was created as an initiative aimed at supporting Globers throughout their personal life cycle within their work career. From this holistic approach, the benefits linked to compensation are no longer separated from other benefits and experiences; on the contrary, they complement each other, and they make up the co-workers’ journey. 

Globant for You integrates all the benefits, campaigns, activities, and proposals of the company from a comprehensive perspective, understanding that the well-being of the people depends on a good work-life balance, and taking care of both physical and emotional health.

In this context, when 2020 started and we were forced to work remotely, we set out to be more present than ever in Globers’ daily life, transferring our culture to their homes so that they don’t feel alone and to help them stay connected despite the distances.

Please find below some of the proposals from Globant for You that we have recently created for our Globers and their families.



Activities for Kids


The Kids Club is a space for learning and family fun created so that Globers moms and dads can do activities with their children. This initiative was launched for the Latin American and U.S. regions and more than 600 families have participated.

  • Live shows for children (Mundo Denise and Madga Fleitas)
  • Art classes for children up to 13 years old
  • Origami classes
  • Yoga that young and old can do together
  • Online trivia with prizes
  • Vocational counseling for teenagers from 16 to 18 years old

Furthermore, to keep kids entertained during winter vacation, the Vacation Camp was launched, where two or three daily activities are offered each day for kids. It includes an exclusive surprise show for Globers families.



Comprehensive Health Care


Globant’s current priority is to care for the health of Globers and their families. For this reason, since the onset of the pandemic, the company developed numerous prevention and awareness measures to prevent the spread of the disease. Some of these measures are the following:





In addition to COVID-related Webinars, we launched an exclusive site with useful information on this topic. Some of the more relevant content includes:

  • Guidelines on what to do if you believe that you or any member of the team has COVID
  • Policy and guide on working from home
  • Guidelines on local and international travel regulations
  • Tips for families and children

Additionally, we are developing the “Back to the Office” protocol to guarantee a safe return to the offices.



Physical Activities


In the modality of remote work, the balance between working hours and personal time can be challenging to manage. To help co-workers reduce work fatigue, we offered for them to take part in different healthy physical routines, such as: 

  • Yoga sessions
  • Mindfulness
  • Gym 

Additionally, there is an exclusive wellness channel where we publish tips and articles on this topic. 

Over 2,000 Globers around the world have already participated in these activities.




Online Talks Cycle for Moms and Dads 


With the aim of supporting Globers on parenting issues, we are organizing a series of talks with specialists where resources and practical tips are shared. 

For example, some of these talks deal with issues such as placing limits on our children or pediatric consultation during a pandemic. This initiative is aimed at Argentinean Globers and already 700 people have signed up.



Recreating the Globant Environment


At Globant, fun is one of the pillars of our culture. Our offices are happy, entertaining, and inspirational work environments, and now, thanks to technology, we can bring those environments to your homes. Some initiatives that allow for this to be replicated are: 

  • Encouraging leaders and managers to continue taking their lunch breaks together. 
  • Online afters
  • Birthday celebrations: at some locations, we send a birthday cake to each Glober
  • Globant birthday: online activities to celebrate Globant’s 17th birthday

Additionally, we launched a survey to get to know the situation of each co-worker; also, with the results, we are planning to generate actions to contribute to the positive Globant mood.




The Globant Extra Mile


At Globant, creativity and disruptive ideas are part of our identity. Today, we are going the extra mile, along with Globers from their homes, to create a more collaborative company, motivated by and connected to its purpose. In order to maintain that WOW! factor that characterizes our culture, the following activities were conducted:

  • Events with DJs, magicians, and exclusive music groups 
  • Surprise gifts that Globers receive at their homes

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We believe that it is possible to be an organization where personal life purpose is aligned with company purpose. We promote a wellness culture to allow Globers to unleash their full potential. Body, mind, and spirit are connected to the present while working to change the future of business and building the best version of yourself. At Globant, we believe that changing the world starts from within.