#All4Equality: working for greater equality

There are social fractures that penetrate deep into our societies. Around the world, during this pandemic, we have witnessed how, in many cases, these fractures have deepened. These circumstances affect and shock many people around the world: they are widely known, for example, acts of racism towards the African American community in the United States, or chronic inequality that particularly punishes vulnerable populations in Latin America.

We believe it imperative to bring about awareness of and respond to these fractures, working together to build a more equitable and inclusive world. In line with our purpose of improving the world one step at a time, at Be Kind we decided to support these groups, contributing our grain of sand, from what we know how to do.



#All4Equality: A Worldwide Campaign


In line with this proposal, during the month of July, Globant launched the #All4Equality initiative, in order to address this issue on the agenda of our Globers and clients, inviting them to work together for one day for equality. 

Applying the same innovative participation methodology that has characterized previous donation campaigns, we invited Globers around the world to support the initiative by working on Saturday, July 18, with the prior agreement of our clients. As always, the profit from that day was matched by Globant, reaching a total of $110,000 USD that were donated to organizations that promote equality, and foster the dignity and respect of affected local minorities. 

Support for people with disabilities in India, student scholarships for the African American community in the United States, shelter for girls who are victims of the armed conflict in Colombia, support for the LGTB community in Mexico, and socioeconomic support for vulnerable youth and adults in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, were the goals that we set for ourselves in this campaign. The funds were distributed according to the number of Globers and clients that participated from each country. 

The high level of support received during this campaign, from both our Globers and from our clients, shows that this adverse context that we are going through can also awaken greater solidarity, and together we can help to alleviate inequality.


Fostering Equality Indoors


This campaign is rooted in one of our Globant principles: that there is no innovation without diversity, and there is no progress without diversity. To strengthen this message indoors, within the framework of #All4Equality, meetings were held between Globers around the world. Topics such as racism, discrimination, and the importance of diversity in the workplace were discussed at these sessions. Globers were able to exchange ideas and opinions, and nurture diversity in a place of trust. 

Be Kind is a central part of our culture. A culture that we are very proud of and that was recognized by Comparably in 2019 as one of the Best Companies in Diversity and one of the Best Companies for Women


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Diversity, equity and inclusion are key to our business. Technology requires us to innovate constantly, and we can only achieve this if we bring together different points of view. Some of the areas we are working on include focusing on improving gender equality in our industry, inclusive hiring practices, and helping people to achieve a work-life balance.