#AllAgainstCOVID: our campaign to fight the pandemic

July 1, 2020

Individual efforts coming together can go a long way, especially in these times of uncertainty. The #AllAgainstCOVID campaign was an example of this. On this occasion, clients and Globers came together in favor of a common cause: fighting the pandemic.

Following the structure of our previous campaigns, more than 650 Globers around the world volunteered to work extra hours. Globers also were able to participate thanks to our clients’ kind collaboration. Globant then duplicated the revenue generated on that day. Hospitals and nonprofit organizations around the world received the funds to help in the combat of COVID-19. The goal was to help public healthcare systems with the purchase of medical supplies and personal protective equipment.

Thanks to this act of kindness, we were able to give a helping hand to healthcare professionals around the world. We are grateful to all the people who every day put themselves at the service of the community.  This campaign is a chance to help those who help us, to care for those who care for us.

The campaign and its impact


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Donations being delivered to Sassoon Hospital, in Pune, India



The state of Maharashtra is one of the places where COVID-19 hit the worst in India. The Sassoon Hospital has been at the frontline of this battle in Pune since the beginning. To help with this battle, Globant donated 1000 personal protective equipment kits to healthcare professionals. A team of Globers was in charge of delivering these PPE’s to the hospital.



Latin America


One of the recipients of donations in Argentina was the La Plata Children’s Hospital. Globant coordinated the purchase of 600 new protective suits meant to care for children infected with COVID-19.

“The Ludovica Foundation and all the children who are cared for at the La Plata Children’s Hospital would like to thank Globant and all of its constituents for their collaboration and support.”

Dr. Juan Guillermo Salas, President of the Ludovica foundation – La Plata Childrens’ Hospital

Meanwhile, the donation made to the Rivadavia Public Hospital in Buenos Aires helped with the purchase of a new ultrasound, meant for diagnosing potentially infected patients. In Rosario, we contributed to the Quiero Ayudar campaign, to help the Rosario Municipality to cover the needs of the public healthcare system. 

We also donated to the Acá Estamos campaign coordinated by the Banco de Alimentos in Córdoba. This allowed for the purchase of more than 180 protective masks and the provision of aid to over 450 families. Globant also donated to the Cooperator of the Mar del Plata Hospitals, the Bahía Blanca Municipal Hospital, and the integrated public healthcare system in Tandil.


Juguete Pendiente Donación Globant 9
Healthcare professionals from the Essalud Mongrut Hospital receiving donations (Lima, Peru)

In Perú, we donated funds for the purchase of protective gear for healthcare professionals, in cooperation with the Juguete Pendiente foundation. All in all, the organization purchased 2000 face masks, 500 protective suits, and 6 infrared thermometers, and donated them to local hospitals. In Chile, Globant donated to the Hospital Dr. Sotero del Río.


Meanwhile, Colombian entities also received donations. The Fundación Neumológica Colombiana in Bogotá was able to purchase 25 mechanical ventilators. Above all, these were used to equip a special unit to support patients diagnosed with COVID19.

In México, we contributed to the Mexican Red Cross’ COVID campaign. Meanwhile, in Uruguay, we supported the Nos Cuidamos Entre Todos initiative, organized by the private sector to support the healthcare system.



USA and Europe


In the US, Globant reached out to the New York Presbyterian Hospital. As a result of the donation, the COVID19 Patient Care Fund purchased supplies and services for general patient care needs. These included ventilators, personal protective equipment such as masks, the hiring of additional clinical staff, and capacity expansion.

In Romania and Spain, national Red Cross organizations in each of the respective countries are receiving donation funds. Finally, in Belarus, Globant donated to the Ministry of Health.



Donations in other countries are still being coordinated, and the information will be updated when these are finalized.

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