On November 13, Globant is celebrating World Kindness Day, a day that reminds us of the importance of being kind to all people, to the world, and to ourselves. It’s a day to multiply positive actions and contribute to building a better world.

The World Kindness Day began in Tokyo in 1998, promoted by the World Kindness Movement (WKM) with the aim of raising awareness about peace, empathy, and respect among human beings. According to this international movement, “goodness is a fundamental part of the human condition that unites people beyond religion, race, politics, or gender. WKM’s mission is to inspire people to greater goodness and connect nations to create a kinder world.”

At Globant, being kind is a way of life. It is a value that defines us and a guiding principle that governs our way of working, relating, and impacting the world.

The future of humanity challenges us, and our overcoming spirit demands that we go for more: we want to transform reality to make this world a better place.

A year ago, at Globant we launched Be Kind, a framework that encompasses and gives meaning to our sustainability strategy, with initiatives that promote the social, environmental, economic, and cultural good of humanity. Aligned with our values and the challenges of our industry, we have focused our efforts on three fundamental pillars: Be Kind to your peers, Be Kind to humanity, Be Kind to the planet.

World Kindness Day takes place one day a year, but the commitment to promote peoples dignity, equality, and well-being is an inherent and permanent part of Globant’s culture. Today, together with our clients, Globers, and the community, we want to celebrate the path we have traveled this year and thank the efforts of all the people who helped, in some way, to transform the world.

We invite you to learn about the impact achieved with the initiatives of our three pillars, hoping that this message inspires more people to join our Be Kind commitment.

For more information on Be Kind, visit https://www.globant.com/be-kind.

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