By: Big Data Team at Globant Santiago

In April, we organized the “Think Big Session: Big Data Edition” at our offices in Santiago, Chile. In the session, we discussed how Big Data is transforming businesses at some of the most important companies in Chile and the USA. Throughout  the event, we presented actual and future trends and showed experiences related to the projects developed in Chile led by data architects.

More than seventy attendees listened as Matias Boix, VP of Technology, and Gonzalo Zarza, Technical Director at the Big Data Studio, opened the event with an introduction to Big Data. They discussed the value that this discipline  brings to the large volume of collected information that’s available to us, and how it enables companies to have a better understanding of their businesses and their competitors.

Following this presentation, Globers Rodrigo Parada, Gabriel Torres, Jorge Tagle, Eduardo Avaria, and Claudio Romo, all from the Big Data studio, shared their experiences working on projects with clients from diverse industries.

The speakers shared their experiences about the design and implementation of architecture based on Big Data concepts, as well as its integration and interaction with other platforms and multidisciplinary teams that are part of the project and company.

The event ended up with some time for networking. Claudio Romo, Data Architect at Globant said, “As in the Globant way, we talked about the topics presented between pizza and beers, with an audience brought by relevant real-world Big Data use cases”.


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