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December 22, 2021

Globant continues to shed light and raise awareness on important news and issues regarding sustainability. This month we highlight the COP26 summit and the results that emerged. Subscribe to our newsletter to get these insights delivered to you each month.

About the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow

While there’s still some debate over whether or not the event was a success, some breakthroughs were made:

  1. The inclusion of the role fossil fuels play in the climate crisis – they will now be phasing down unabated coal and inefficient fossil fuel subsidies. This part has been pointed out as a possible sign that the coal era is ending.
  2. The request of parties to attend COP27 in Egypt with new plans that focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. 
  3. The Glasgow Climate Pact requests developed countries to double the amount of money for adaptation to climate change by 2025 (at least $40 billion) and report on their progress in relation to the previously established $100 billion goal. 
  4. The increase in investments that will translate into climate actions, such as stopping deforestation. James Roth, Senior Vice President for global policy and government affairs at Conservation International, said: “After six years of negotiations, the rules allowing countries to trade carbon credits with each other, known as Article 6.2, have been agreed…”

Creating sustainable technologies and strategic green alliances

Globant participated in COP26 by voicing the importance of technology in halting climate change. In order to maintain the world’s temperature below 1.5°C – or 2°C –  above pre-industrial levels, we must use technology as one of our strongest allies. Globant took the opportunity to present Sustainable Tech, Globant’s Sustainability Studio that converges digital technology and sustainability through disruptive work.  

Globant’s commitment towards net-zero emissions and reducing our own carbon footprint is based on incorporating sustainability initiatives as part of an overall business strategy. As tech creators, we can ensure that technology is designed and implemented to enable greener outcomes and promote a green economy.

With this same goal, Globant joined the Green Software Foundation, a select group of leading global technology companies that develop best practices for building green software and reducing carbon emissions. Santiago Fontanarrosa, VP of Technology from the Sustainable Business Studio, will be part of the coalition, created in May 2021 and focused on cross industry collaboration to fight climate change. 

Our top 3 sustainability leaders to check out! 

  1. Adam Henson- One of Britain’s well-known farmers for his work on BBC’s Countryfile.
  2. Dr. Anna Pirani- Oceanographer and Head of the Technical Support Unit (TSU) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
  3. Josephine Becker-Activist Scholar in grassroots collectives and MSc student of Sustainability and Behaviour Change.

Don’t miss these events and roundtable!

  • E-Waste World Conference & Exp: Europe’s largest international trade fair of all forms of electrical waste. 30 November – 01 December, Frankfurt , in person.
  • Sustainable Future Summit: What role does each sector have in diminishing emissions? Find out on 30 November – 01 December, Brussels, online.
  • Building Sustainable Business Models with ESG: Elena Morettini, Director of Globant’s Sustainable Business Studio,CB Bhattacharya, Chair of Sustainability and Ethics at the University of Pittsburgh and Lisa Osborne Ross, CEO of Edelman U.S., talk about business leaders and their Environmental, Social, and Governance factors of their business strategies.  Watch it here

Learn more about this month’s most relevant sustainability issues and consult our infographic about how the EU delivers the green transition in our newsletter.

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