We show our faith in the future of Colombia’s SENA students

September 9, 2019

At Globant Colombia, along with the National Learning Service (SENA), we have granted scholarships to 45 students from the cities of Bogotá and Medellín. This means that the students will be receiving financial support and mentoring in Information Analysis and Information Development areas. Additionally, we will sponsor the students’ English classes.
Our expectation is that once the students complete their academic training, they will have the option to continue with the company as employees. This will, of course, depend on their performance in the programs in the meantime.
The recent collaboration forms part of our history of supporting the community, making the investment to improve the career development and employment opportunities for those in our communities that need it most. For example: our TesteAR QC training program (started 2010) for high school grads from vulnerable backgrounds. This later became the collaboration with Arbusta (a social enterprise), a collaboration that is currently ongoing in Argentina and Colombia. We have also joined forces with other organizations such as HolaCode in Mexico, Being a Volunteer in India, SENA de Tolima, and Laboratoria in Chile, to extend the opportunity to more people.
To win this sponsorship, students had to submit their applications. The requirements were: to be a high school graduate, to be at least 18 years old (in Colombia, typically high school graduates are 16-17 years old), to have no prior  apprenticeship contract, not to have graduated from SENA yet, and to have time available for studies.

“Globant is committed to contribute to the exponential growth and quality of the community, and  that’s why we’re taking this opportunity to invest in the potential of young people,” says Jhon Garcés, leader of the initiative.

Our motive? “To help the students as individuals to grow professionally. And by this, we hope to make a positive impact on their whole environment,” Jhon says. “We are exercising our corporate social responsibility, seeking to ensure that the entire social sphere of the candidate—their family and community—benefits from this effort.”
While they’re with us, the company will guarantee each student their affiliation to the health system and cover their workplace insurance, as well as offering them a salary of 50% of the current legal minimum wage. We will also cover 100% of their life insurance during the term of the apprenticeship contract.
We’re proud of these students for their achievements, and of these Globers for their dedication. It’s a privilege to have them be a part of carrying on such a great tradition.

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