Intelligence-based sustainability: A new approach to sustainability

An informed approach to customers: our intelligence-based sustainability proxy

In a business world where innovation and sustainability are connected at the hip, both theoretical and field experience become crucial. Technical and strategic knowledge-partners such as Globant need to have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing organizations.

Here at Globant, we have decided to focus on adding value to our clients via a sustainability-focused diagnosis and assessment of their business models. This includes an analysis of their strategic pillars, their challenges, as well as industry drivers.

Sustainability Intention Scoring

Our market research area, composed of a team of experienced analysts, in collaboration with the Sustainable Business Studio, have developed a new analysis model that adds sustainable intelligence value to our clients from the very beginning.

The sustainability mapping tool is called “SIS – Sustainability Intention Scoring”. Based on public data, we screen our clients sustainability initiatives, protocols, strategies and overall attitudes and compare them with the industry average to obtain a quick proxy on the sustainability maturity of our clients’ business. We then conduct an in-depth gap-analysis identifying new areas of sustainability opportunities for clients and partners to focus on, and for Globant to dive into customized service propositions.

Results have proven that our model works. Feedback from customers and partners has been particularly positive on the section called “thinking of you”. This is where – based on all the above new working practices – we put forward tailor-made suggestions. These suggestions involved everything from how to move to a positive carbon-thinking mindset, curbing emissions, climate due diligence, to sustainable organizational changes and how to create a whole new holistic and respectful business. And we do all this through the lens of technology, which is always our key disruptive vector.

Why we decided to combine research and market intelligence into our sustainability offerings

We realized that if we are able to understand a company’s sustainability strategy and roadmap, we can better explore their opportunities and challenges, as well as provide more customized services to their needs. Benchmarking an organization’s competition, as well as understanding the latest industry trends, enables us to constantly bring innovative ideas to the discussion. This allows us, together with our clients, to develop breakthrough ideas and strategies.

While corporate focus on sustainability has increased significantly in recent years. All too often research on sustainability has a business-to-consumer focus. There has been limited effort dedicated to emphasizing sustainability within business-to-business contexts. With this new approach and model, we’ve set out to rectify this situation, providing clear and actionable advice to our clients.

To find out more about our Sustainability Intention Scoring model, and assess your organization, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Acknowledgements: This work is a team effort of ideas, method and creativity. Pablo Peranzola, our Green Technology Head, is the creator of the definition “Scoring Intention”. Aldana Sol Mauro, Juan Pedro Tombeur, Julio Ceasar Huanca Macacha, Santi Fontanarrosa, and Tania Macri Badessich all contributed to the intelligent new approach.

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