Inside our sustainability newsletter; How global warming impacts companies, jobs, and technology

October 18, 2022

Our latest sustainability newsletter explores how a new generation of data scientists could be our best weapon against climate change, how sustainability is a driver of change for companies, how global warming will shape jobs, and more. Happy reading!

Data, our climate change keyword

We have little time left if we wish to prevent climate change disasters, according to a report by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. As we seek to avoid the advancement of global warming by the minute, data science is becoming a key weapon in the fight. 

So, how is data science helping? Data science is identifying the world’s top sites of methane release. Through data science, we may acquire a complete view of pollution and identify where we may reduce it. Additionally, it can aid us in carrying out precision agriculture that “reduces water use and soil depletion, optimize supply chains to minimize overproduction and waste, and determine the most energy-efficient time of day for families to run their home appliances.”

 Elena Morettini, Director of Globant’s Sustainable Business Studio, on sustainability as a driver of change for companies

Morettini explains what the reasons for increased sustainability awareness in companies are. Even though many have focused on sustainability criteria and Sustainable Development Goals as a mere communication strategy, there has been a shift by society and organizations to engage in actions towards sustainability. 

According to Morettini: 

“There are many innovative initiatives that bring together companies whose purpose is to sustainably build a more inclusive economy. At Globant, we believe that Information Technology (I.T.) companies are already undergoing a mindset change. They are using the most sustainable processes and applications from an energy efficiency point of view to transform their DNA from its core, avoiding emissions tied to non-rationalized energy consumption.”

Digitalization is key to achieving a sustainable strategy since it’s the most potent tool to evolve towards a twin transition (What is a twin transition? Watch our 30-second video here).

Technology, such as blockchain, A.I., and the internet of things, will be vital to meeting the SDGs. 

How will jobs change in a warming world?

The future of jobs seems to be shaped by global warming since they are being changed, increased, or jeopardized by it. “The equivalent of 80 million full-time jobs throughout the world could be lost in 2030, due to working hours lost to high temperatures, according to a 2019 report from the U.N. International Labour Organization (ILO).”

Additionally, agriculture and construction jobs seem to be suffering the most. Those jobs focused on servicing wind turbines and installing solar roofs are expected to increase from 68% to 52% in the next decade.

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