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February 7, 2022

As the year kicks off, so does our first year’s issue with a new planet-centric design! We have exciting topics that will inspire organizations, companies, and people alike to create a greener future by making sustainable decisions today. Check them out!

Sustainable challenges call for sustainable solutions, introducing planet-centric design.

We explore business legitimacy in the new green economy through one of the main highlights of our latest edition; planet-centric design

Planet-centric design is a strategic approach focused on making decisions based on sustainability, helping address issues that affect the environment and that have a social and economic impact. It’s a mindset that integrates a sustainable business strategy from the start, preventing future problems from arising, such as creating extreme weather conditions, damaging human infrastructure, and generating social inequality. 

Sustainability, innovation, and digital transformation go hand in hand with planet-centric design. When a company’s purpose, vision, and mission include sustainability as part of their work culture, energy efficiency and the IT carbon footprint will become part of product development and service design.

What we learned from COP26 and how we’ll continue to reduce our carbon footprint 

Globant’s first COP26 presented an excellent opportunity to dive into the heart of critical sustainability issues. Here are our five takeaways.

  1. The relevance of advocacy: With both private and public sectors participating, a unifying effort to achieve net-zero emission.
  2. A plan of action: Concrete agreements were reached on initiatives concerning climate finance, with a focus on actively working on a game plan. 
  3. Fossil-based energy and methane: A pledge was achieved, binding the energy industry closer to a methane-free natural gas and oil production. However, we still need an energy transition program.
  4. Tackling deforestation: We confirmed our support of the trillion trees pledge. 
  5. The power of proximity: Workforces and task forces are necessary to implement tangible solutions. 

As we prepare for COP27 in Egypt, we will continue to ideate around how to solve our sustainability challenges, integrating solutions and sustainable tech that will help us move closer to our goals by becoming carbon neutral. As part of this effort, Globant, a member of the Green Software Foundation (GSF), supported the release of the alpha version of the Software Carbon Intensity (SCI) Specification (a scoring software system for carbon emissions) and became one of its early adopters. 

Check out these top 3 sustainability leaders:

  1. Dave Erasmus – an environmental educator benefiting the third sector as a social businessman. 
  2. Kate Brandt –  Google’s Sustainability Officer, influencing environmental responsibility in some of the world’s most prominent organizations. 
  3. Isha Datar – Executive Director of New Harvest, a pioneer in the food technology industry, mixing science and education.

What to explore to get inspired!

  • Watch this video of women who made history, and what they’ll keep doing in 2022 

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