Globers mentor local entrepreneurs who seek to boost their ventures

August 9, 2019

Christian Moretti, Joaquín Díaz de Astarloa, Cristhian Rivera, and Marcos Werner are Globers from the Digital Content Studio in Mar del Plata. This year, in July, they joined the NGO Conciencia to train 70 local entrepreneurs in using technology to boost their businesses. Conciencia runs the “Emprendiendo tu futuro” program, offering tools to entrepreneurs experiencing economic and social vulnerability.
The event took place at Globant’s site, where entrepreneurs came to learn how to professionalize their sales platforms focusing on Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The Globanteers collaborated by contributing their experience and knowledge to give local entrepreneurs the necessary Digital Marketing tools, which allows for exponential growth in their businesses. The starting point for this conversation? The potential that digital communication represents for the entrepreneurial world today. Through a personalized guide, the guests made a theoretical-practical journey of first steps when entering the world of social networks. Together they analyzed the most frequent mistakes and successes with the functionalities of each application.
Lorena Crespell, who leads the “Emprendiendo tu futuro” Program, commented: “We received comments about the Globers’ hospitality, positive attitude, and willingness to work. The mentorship was highly relevant and applicable to the entrepreneurs in their ventures.
The day was a success! At the end of the presentation, the entrepreneurs approached the Globers to continue the conversation, and to say thanks for the chance to visit the office. They were especially grateful for the level of content, which is so important for their day-to-day as entrepreneurs. The team definitely reached their goal for the day: putting their expertise to work to generate an impact for the local community.
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