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May 17, 2022

From climate tech startups adopting a green mindset to lessons learned in COP26, our recent Sustainable Newsletter has arrived. Here are some of the highlights of this month.

Stuart Deignan shares key points of Globant’s attendance in COP26

Stuart Deignan, Managing Director UK at Globant, shares some of the lessons learned in COP26. During the event, top leaders highlighted how critical a collective strategy is to create climate change solutions, and how crucial it is for companies to build a green mindset, not as an isolated initiative, but as a strategy at the core of every practice. 

At Globant, we are aware of the crucial role of technology in building a sustainable future. We have created a roadmap to both reduce the carbon footprint within our company and apply this mindset to the solutions we design for our clients. During the summit, we took the chance to present our latest Studio on Sustainable Business, which operates at the intersection of digital technology and sustainability, bringing together new know-how, expertise, and competence.

Making Green Software Engineering the “default” for organizations

How can Green Software Engineering gain the same relevance for companies as Agile or Test-Driven Development? Organizations need to build a “doing function”: a group of people capable of changingto change the status quo within a company. 

Building a Center of Excellence (COE) is one of the approaches an organization can take to drive change. Green Software Foundation outlines three steps towards creating a COE:

  • Establish your goals
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities
  • Share knowledge and keep members engaged

Part of the success of achieving change and implementing green software engineering is to show colleagues the benefits it can bring to them, such as improving the workflow within their teams or supporting their career development. 

Interview with Elena Morettini on Globant’s roadmap to promote sustainability

Elena Morettini, Global Head of Sustainable Business at Globant, spoke with Corresponsables, a Latin American communication company that focuses on social responsibility and sustainability.

Morettini talked about Globant’s Sustainable Business Studio, a project that aims to provide the necessary tools “to be more energy efficient when drawing any kind of new technology or readapting older technology.” 

The pillars of the Studio are:

  • Choosing applications in the creation of new technology under energy efficiency criteria.
  • Adopting green technology to provide partners and clients with the tools to accelerate sustainability and fight climate change.
  • Being knowledgeable partners and using digital tools to make technology in a different way with a conscience towards energy consumption.

Learn more about this month’s most relevant sustainability initiatives and consult our Sustainability Agenda in our Newsletter.

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To be ready and stay relevant in the new green economy, companies need different rules, processes and expertise. The Sustainable Business Studio provides organizations and stakeholders with the tools and know-how to build their climate roadmap in favour of just transitions and climate actions. We support organizations embracing a problem-solving approach based on Agenda 2030 to achieve responsible business.