Food and Toy Drive: What Globers gave for Christmas

January 10, 2019

In December we helped more than 800 people, thanks to the support of 200 Globers!

During the month of December, Globers coordinated a series of initiatives for Christmas. Each drive looked a little different. However, in the end, all the Globers had something in common: they focused on donating to the less fortunate.

One of the initiatives this year was to assemble Christmas boxes filled with food and Christmas presents, which were delivered to different families in need. Globers from the La Plata, Rosario and Lima sites led this project. With the help of more than 200 Globers, we managed to help 74 people celebrate Christmas.

In addition, the Colombia, Tucumán, Córdoba, Mar del Plata, Resistencia, Tandil and Buenos Aires sites carried out a toy and food drive. We gathered so many toys and managed to reach more than 600 children! In Chile, we delivered breakfast for 300 children with HIV in the “Santa Maria de la Cordillera” School. Pablo Mathias Ruz, DevOps Engineer tells us about his experience there:

We prepared a place to give the breakfast and some games. Then, we waited. Expecting somewhat-sleepy kids, we figured they’d surely be willing to spend a nice morning together. We could seein every thankful smile for the breakfast, in every happy face for having won a prize in the games and in every word of gratitude from their parentshow the children enjoyed the day.

Last but not least, in Buenos Aires we carried out a toy drive for children hospitalized at the Dr. Ricardo Gutiérrez Children’s Hospital. We put together different toysnew and lightly usedthat were donated at the end of the month by a team of Glober volunteers. Having the possibility to give a smile to the person who deserves it is invaluable, says Carlos Wilthew Rojas, a volunteer WEB UI Developer. It was a great day of teamwork, as felt by Laura Romero, IST Process Analyst: It was a beautiful morning full of smiles and lots of love, accompanied by a large group of people, all with a big heart. Above all, it was a day of giving back to the community and doing an act of charity during the Christmas holidays.

Thanks to everyone who donated, and to the Globers who joined in these initiatives!

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