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October 27, 2021

Sustainability is an issue that concerns people, organizations, businesses, and companies worldwide, and for Globant, it’s no exception. As part of Globant’s ongoing effort to raise awareness and share information, we have published the latest edition of our Sustainable Business Newsletter. 

The UK, our sustainability lighthouse & the COP26  

The UK has been a key point for sustainability innovation, and for this reason, will be the location of Globant’s Sustainable Business Studio Knowledge Hub. There will be a £65m investment over the next three years that will strengthen operations by quadrupling teams. Martin Umaran, Co-Founder and President of Globant in EMEA, claimed that Globant  “…will continue to expand its presence (in the UK), focusing at the same time on delivering transformation with a strong focus on sustainability”.

Additionally, the United Kingdom will be hosting this year’s Conference of the Parties 26th meeting at Glasgow, Scotland. This event is referred to as “the world’s best last chance to get runaway climate change under control.”  It will include the presence of important world leaders, among them, Pope Francis. The event will frame how countries showcase new pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions and fulfill the Paris Agreement goals.

A new era for sustainability & engineering 

As businesses are starting to understand their responsibility and role in aiding the climate crisis, they are beginning to integrate sustainability into their operations. Elena Morettini, leader of the Sustainable Business Studio at Globant, has designed a framework with four key steps that organizations can take to move towards a successful sustainable transition: Heightened awareness, Conscious leadership, Technology for sustainable business, and Digital sobriety. 

At the same time, we are seeing a new response from businesses towards sustainability, we are also witnessing the emergence of a new engineering discipline. Dr. Susan Krumdieck has developed transition engineering, the practice of achieving changes to meet sustainability targets based on holistic change, led by engineers to help society adapt to a sustainable future. 

“There’s nobody in a position to actually do what needs doing like engineers, because all of our fossil fuel use is produced by, and used in, complex, engineered, global systems.

Dr. Susan Krumdieck

Our top 3 leaders to follow and keep in your sustainability radar:

  1. Angela Morelli –  Award-winning information designer, CEO and co-founder of InfoDesignLab.
  2. David de Rothschild – Named an emerging Explorer by National Geographic and one of the world’s leading sustainable explorers.
  3. Sophie Berger-Science – Officer in TSU of The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and former glaciologist at The German Alfred Wegener Institute and The Faculty of Sciences – Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Hear and attend!

  • Special virtual session from Elena Morettini, Globant’s Sustainable Business Studio director. She will talk about how organizations should approach sustainability and how other companies optimized their business models with digital thinking. 
  • 2021 Creative Climate Awards, 24 October 
  • COP26, 31 October – 12 November

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