Creating synergy to navigate sustainability

November 8, 2021

Addressing climate change and achieving a more sustainable planet requires bold decisions and careful planning. At Globant, we know that there is no business without sustainable business, which is why we leverage our studio model to offer maximum value to organizations and help them reduce their carbon footprint.

We bring together our expertise in SaaS (Software as a Service) robust solutions architecture and implementation in our Salesforce Studio, with the in-depth knowledge of our Sustainability Studio to provide a comprehensive solution to an organization’s sustainability strategy. We operate at the intersection of digital technology and sustainability, combining expertise with new knowledge.

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Why should companies go green?

Businesses need to move at full speed to address the climate and sustainability crisis. ​​Using the Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, we help organizations understand their direct and indirect environmental impact, enabling them to identify and prioritize energy-saving opportunities and focus on the highest-value environmental initiatives.

The adoption of sustainability practices helps businesses reduce financing costs and increase access to capital. Companies with higher sustainability performance benefit from lower capital costs due to a lower risk profile and greater resilience. 

Some giants are already taking a step forward to achieve a more sustainable business. Apple aims to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030 and Amazon launched a $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund to invest in companies that build products, services, and technology to “decarbonize” the planet.

Helping organizations develop ´Sustain-abilities` 

Globant’s sustainability solution helps businesses develop what we call “Sustain-abilities:” awareness and readiness to put climate financial strategies in practice and drive sustainable cultural change.

We calculate organizations’ carbon footprint using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Based on the energy consumption data generated for the different activities of the organization, we are able to determine calculations of the Carbon Footprint. 

Our implementation strategy includes multiple steps including discovery, configuration of the sustainability cloud, reports, and training for sustainability managers in the use of the tool. It also includes the following three data analysis and analytics dashboards:

Climate Action Dashboard

Details energy usage, carbon intensity, and renewable energy data broken down by various metrics.

Commercial Travel Impact Dashboard

Displays the carbon footprint generated by the energy consumption of business travel.

Sustainability Audit Panel

A summary of the organization’s greenhouse gas emissions, resource consumption, emissions factors, and renewable energy use. 

Globant’s synergy between Studios can help achieve the technological, financial, and organizational innovation required to reduce their carbon footprint, and as a result, reduce overall operation costs, improve efficiency, reduce waste, and make a difference in a competitive landscape.

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To be ready and stay relevant in the new green economy, companies need different rules, processes and expertise. The Sustainable Business Studio provides organizations and stakeholders with the tools and know-how to build their climate roadmap in favour of just transitions and climate actions. We support organizations embracing a problem-solving approach based on Agenda 2030 to achieve responsible business.