Unleash The Power of Your Data with MuleSoft and Tableau

September 5, 2022

We had a great time at Salesforce World Tour London earlier this year. It was a jam-packed day of innovation, inspiration, and all things Salesforce. One session that stood out to us discussed how to unleash the power of your data. Fiona O’Hara, SVP of the Strategic Customer Office at Salesforce, demonstrated how you could unlock, analyse and act on your data with MuleSoft, Tableau and Salesforce to drive digital transformation. Mark Nelson, President CEO at Tableau, and Steph Stylianou, Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce, were joined by Justin Wilson, SVP at MuleSoft, and shared insights on the importance of data and digital transformation for businesses.
Before we get stuck into sharing our highlights from this insightful session, let’s begin by explaining how MuleSoft and Tableau fit within the Salesforce Customer 360:

What is MuleSoft?

MuleSoft is the world’s leading SOA, SaaS, and API integration platform. It introduces and connects data, applications, and devices across on-premises and cloud computing environments. MuleSoft enables businesses to integrate all their data into a single source of truth, helping them get an accurate picture of their customer behaviour and business performance.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a data visualisation tool that transforms how data is analysed and is used to solve problems. Tableau brings data to life through powerful, interactive analytics, allowing businesses to make more informed business decisions.
To put it simply, MuleSoft integrates data to create a single source of truth, and Tableau helps to visualise, analyse and draw insight from the data. These tools can be used in conjunction withother platforms in the Salesforce ecosystem.

It Starts and Ends With Data

The reality of digital transformation begins with data and ends with data; data lives everywhere. It enables focus, on growth, efficiency, or whatever agenda the business is hoping to achieve. In the session, Fiona perfectly sums up how organisations are facing up in the wake of this digital revolution. She explains, “you don’t have a problem with how much data you have. You have a problem with what you can do with that data.” She then outlines how, , businesses need to integrate and streamline multiple complex processes to unleash the power of their data truly.
Salesforce creates a single source of truth, with the help of MuleSoft, by integrating data visuals and insights into a single place. This integration is a huge step towards complete Customer 360 visibility.

You Cannot Analyse Something You Cannot See

So, the data is all in one place. What’s next? Data can be used to help drive decisions by identifying what the core messages are. Tableau createsvisualisations of the data MuleSoft has combined to help tell a story and pinpoint key facts. Now the data is easier to understand in the form of charts, tables, and flows, businesses can quickly make evidence-based decisions.

The agility of data presented in this way allows businesses to create deeper connections with customers faster than ever before, better meeting the ever-increasing expectations of customers and gaining a competitive edge.

Data Led Actions

Finally, Salesforce comes in when businesses are ready to action their data-informed decisions. Creating simplified and automated processes is something Salesforce is designed to do. Next, Steph guides us through what can be achieved using Salesforce products, the positive impact Salesforce has on employee empowerment, and the unrivalled efficiency it drives. Processes and reporting that previously took days and weeks, are replaced with automation. Overall, this transformation in the story of data, helps businesses gain a competitive advantage in both the short and long run by delivering actionable insights, ensuring they are best equipped to make informed decisions and adapt to the future.
As a partner of MuleSoft, Tableau and Salesforce we have seen the positive impacts and value that these applications bring our Customers when they are combined into a total digital solution. Enriching the Salesforce Customer 360 with MuleSoft and Tableau takes your business data and digital transformation to the next level.
Watch the full session for yourself on Salesforce+ now.

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