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July 22, 2022

Salesforce are well-known Trailblazers in creating technology that is a force for positive change towards sustainability. Their recent initiatives focused on sustainability are set to create even more momentum around transitioning into the new green economy and supporting organisations in becoming more sustainable.

Salesforce is blazing the way with its recent sustainability efforts. As a Net Zero company across its entire value chain and having achieved 100% renewable energy for its operations, Salesforce is an eco role model for many firms to follow and continue to champion their #TeamEarth mission. Driving this urgent action, Salesforce has released Net Zero Cloud, and in using it, Salesforce reduced its carbon accounting process from over six months to just six weeks. Salesforce has developed emission reduction strategies across Scope 1, 2,and 3 in key categories, including infrastructure, business travel, and supply chain. Globant’s Salesforce Studio agrees that companies should look to integrate environmental concerns into their products, services, and operations wherever possible. To help our eco-minded customers achieve their climate goals, the Salesforce Studio is delighted to report that we have already established a specialist team of Net Zero Cloud-certified consultants who are here ready to support you.

So what is Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud?

Net Zero Cloud is Salesforce’s newest product committed to helping organisations take tangible steps to achieve carbon neutrality and their sustainability agenda. It is a carbon-neutral, accounting solution that helps organisations analyse their carbon data. Improved data visibility produces actionable insights that help companies make better-informed decisions that align with their science-based targets and hence reduce their greenhouse gas emissions toward the Net Zero goal. Net Zero Cloud enables companies to quantify their carbon footprint by tracking their carbon emissions and energy consumption generated by various assets or activities.

Regarding data from sources such as the US Environmental Protection Agency, US Energy Information Administration, UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Net Zero Cloud performs automated inventory calculations according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. Net Zero Cloud also facilitates the integration of any other reference data sources your company should wish to use.

While Net Zero Cloud can be a stand-alone solution, it can also be integrated within your existing Salesforce org. By creating a unified single source of truth, your business carbon data becomes easily visualised as you work towards a carbon nuptial pledge, ESG policy, or other sustainable commitments. If you want to learn more about Net Zero Cloud, please get in touch with our team.

But can you do more? Sustainability at Globant

Beyond the Salesforce Studio, we know the impact technology can have on creatingmeaningful, positive change. Technology is an enabler through which companies can seek reinvention and make the world a better place. To help businesses to stay relevant in the new green economy, Globant has a dedicated ‘Sustainable Business Studio.’ The studio seeks to work with companies to add the concept of Innovation, Inclusion, and Impact to their current ESG dimensions, creating an ESG+I approach and fully embracing their new opportunity for reinvention. Alongside delivering companies with sustainable solutions and technologies, at Globant, we have our own commitments to the environment. For example, our Be Kind to the Planet initiative partly focuses on ESG commitments. We are fulfilling this by providing customers with “Digital Sobriety” techniques and delivering strategies that aim to help limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

As part of Globant’s Net Zero Roadmap, in 2020, we moved to 100% renewable energy, and in 2021, we became carbon neutral. With the launch of the Sustainable Business Studio, we are taking the next step and guiding customers in their transition to a low-carbon economy, transforming the company into a net-positive environmental agent.

Together, Salesforce and Globant are guiding businesses in the new sustainability wave. The team at the Salesforce Studio is here to support eco-minded Customers in their sustainability journeys and welcome conversations on how Salesforce Net Zero Cloud and Globant Sustainable Business Studio can help transform your business. Get in touch to kick off a digital strategy discussion with our team.

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