Salesforce Marketing Cloud Announcements

May 6, 2022

Salesforce has long been favoured by Marketers because of the complete set of tools on a single, unified platform. In a recent announcement at World Tour Sydney, Salesforce unveiled plans to streamline and enhance the Marketing Cloud tool kit to help organisations get to know their customers better.

Realigning the Marketing Cloud Suite

Introducing the new vision for the next generation of Marketing Cloud starts with renaming a selection of products to become more consistent and understandable as a complete suite. Here’s an overview of what some of your favourite products will be known as going forward:

  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement – previously known as Pardot and further integrating the product within the suite, helps align marketing and sales around leads, buyers, and accounts.
  • Marketing Cloud Engagement – previously known as Messaging/Journeys is made up of email, mobile, advertising, and journey products; it helps you connect with customers on their terms and channel of choice with unified data and AI.
  • Marketing Cloud Personalisation – previously known as Interaction Studio, helps tailor the user experience by delivering hyper-relevant moments with real-time recommendations and offers.
  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence – previously known as Datorama, helps optimise Customer value and growth outcomes by leveraging AI insight and analytics.
  • Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform – previously known as Salesforce CDP, helps you to get to know and engage with your Customers forming a single source of truth.

While the features and functionality of the products remain the same, the updated names help align how marketers use each product and the part it plays within Marketing Cloud.

Driving Customer Centricity and Personalisation

Besides the name changes, we also see new features added to Marketing Cloud to develop the personalisation further you can provide and drive the Customer-centric experience. Within the newly named Customer Data Platform, innovations capture real-time data signals to use as a trigger within workflow events, such as a product purchase triggering a follow-up email campaign, plus advanced tracking of anonymous customers collects a rich data history that connects to their profile once they are known.
Plus, within the newly named Intelligence, enhanced engagement reports provide greater insights and engagement breakdown as marketers look to track new conversion KPIs. Improved visualisation within reporting also enables greater analysis and comparison across channels, campaigns and business units.

With all these exciting updates, we can’t forget that we are saying goodbye to Pardot Classic App in a few months, so now is the time to upgrade to Pardot Lightning App if you haven’t done so already to make the most of the latest features and functionality. Click here for more details.

For more information about Marketing Cloud and to understand how Salesforce can support your marketing activities get in touch with Globant’s UK Salesforce Studio.

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