Globant reached the MuleSoft Integration Expert Level to help clients scale their revenue

October 27, 2022

Data and app integration challenges have increased significantly over the past decade, becoming a bottleneck in every digital transformation project. The Salesforce Studio at Globant, aware of this problem, created the practice of Data Management that seeks to solve the challenges around data preparation, including the integration and management of APIs. 

As partners of Salesforce and Mulesoft, we have developed over the years enough experience and recognition with our customers to achieve Integration/Mulesoft Expert Level accreditation within the Salesforce Partner Navigator ecosystem.

Keep reading to understand in depth what it means to have an Integration Expert Level in Salesforce:

  • What is Navigator?

    Navigator enables partners like us to differentiate in the market and showcase our expertise to customers and sales teams. It combines three aspects of a partner’s implementation and services experience into a measure of knowledge that is Salesforce-validated and verified on the AppExchange. Being recognized by Navigator Expert Level is one of the most relevant ways to promote and guarantee our quality in delivery and our experience as Mulesoft partners. 


  • Levels of Navigator Distinctions

    Navigator has three levels of expertise in which partners can earn distinctions. The highest level of recognition is EXPERT, followed by Level II Specialist and Level I Specialist. 


  • What does it mean to be an Expert in Integration (Mulesoft)?

It means that we’ve demonstrated that we have experience in the following:

Unlock and unify data fast: Connect data from any system, no matter where it resides, to deliver connected experiences instantly.

Empowered business with APIs: Discover and reuse APIs and integration assets and extend core capabilities to partners, customers, and developers.

Create connected experiences that scale: Create new revenue opportunities and connected experiences with easy-to-use integration templates and customizable APIs.

Globant Mulesoft clients come from various industries: Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Engineering, Construction, Real Estate, Retail, Travel, Transportation, Hospitality, and High Tech. 

Most of them reduced at least 60% time and effort on integration development, increased 40% of IT teams productivity, and optimized time to market for each business initiative.

As a Mulesoft partner, Globant has decades of experience creating innovative solutions for clients. Mulesoft is a digital transformation accelerator for companies with hybrid ecosystems looking forward to modernizing their integration layer. Globant brings a robust Salesforce Studio to help brands leverage Mulesoft’s solutions.

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