Globant and Oracle are partnering to help clients reach business goals with AI

May 21, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most disruptive technologies on the market today. All industries are looking to stay ahead of the trends and take full advantage of this tool to optimize their processes and boost business results. Oracle, which has been powering the world’s most demanding business-critical applications, has incorporated cutting-edge AI technology, including AI and generative AI, embedded in applications and analytical platforms, as well as AI and ML services available to empower other applications.

That’s why Globant has partnered with Oracle to develop a joint program to help our customers use AI to achieve specific business objectives, solve challenges, and redesign existing operations to increase efficiency or even reinvent business models.

Shaping Globant and Oracle’s joint roadmap

Globant is working together with Oracle to create and execute AI Enterprise Innovation Roadmaps, customized AI roadmaps that combine the use of Oracle’s AI platforms – such as Generative AI Services, Machine Learning and Cloud Infrastructure for AI workloads – with Globant X’s solutions – such as Navigate, which uses digital twin technology to reinvent enterprise management and facilitate process automation and innovation; GeneXus Enterprise AI, which orchestrates solutions with Oracle Cohere and other generative AI engines; and Walmeric, which applies AI to increase digital marketing conversion rates – to execute campaigns with tangible results.

With the Roadmaps, we seek to further empower our customers to solve their unique business objectives and transform their end-to-end value chain through the strategic use of AI. AI Roadmaps are customized for each customer, to select the use cases, applying the best AI platforms for their business innovation goals.

Globant’s Oracle Studio focuses on helping organizations leverage Oracle solutions to improve revenue streams, reduce costs, and optimize operations at scale. As long-term partners with Oracle, we are highly committed to take this next step together and help our customers to apply cutting-edge AI technologies in an agile and strategic way. 

A recap of our history with AI

Today, companies around the world are increasingly recognizing the enormous potential of AI to generate new user experiences and revenue streams, and improve business processes at scale, if implemented correctly. As an industry pioneer, we have been harnessing the power of AI for the last 10 years, to create best-in-class solutions that deliver real value to our customers. Since the initial launch of our dedicated Data and AI Studio, we have remained at the forefront of driving AI innovation, as shown through the continuous reinvention of Globant X’s AI-powered platforms, including GeneXus, Augoor, MagnifAI, and StarMeUp. Our expertise with AI technology led us to be named a Global Leader in Artificial Intelligence Services (2023) by the IDC MarketScape report.

Learn more about what we can do to empower your business with AI here.

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