It’s now possible to strike like Kun Agüero in the metaverse. Here’s how.

November 2, 2022

Can you strike like Argentina’s football star Kun Agüero? It’s now possible to put yourself in his shoes in a new metaverse called the Kuniverse, a new experience in The Sandbox created by Eter Studio and Globant. The world-famous former football player, now also a player in the gaming esports world, decided to take his gaming passion one step further following his retirement from the sport due to a health condition. 

Starting in May 2022, Globant’s Gaming and Metaverse Studios collaborated with Buenos Aires-based Eter Studio to build a Land that celebrates Kun Agüero’s past and present while connecting with his followers as he prepares for his post-football future in the Metaverse.

“We are very proud to announce that for the past several months we have been working with Eter Studios to bring Kun Agüero to The Sandbox metaverse. Join him and his friends to enjoy a festive space full of quests and activities, and be ready for some surprises. Whether you are a fan of Kun, or just enjoy a good challenge, we are sure you’ll find tons of fun in the Kuniverse!”

Kevin Janzen – Managing Director of Globant’s Gaming & Metaverse Studio

The original, cross-functional team consisted of voxel artists, level designers, project managers, and producers. With minted avatars and rewards, additional expertise has been added, incorporating blockchain architects, blockchain consultants, solidity developers, visual designers, and user experience designers into the effort. 

The collaborative team created quests and narrative design, developed several Avatar collections, and gave life to the Kuniverse, which consists of an architect-designed complex that challenges the limits of what can be achieved within The Sandbox platform. The Gamemaker tool – a Sandbox Metaverse engine running on Unity technology – is limited by design, making the experience consistent for users across various Lands. Our team worked within those limitations to create an experience that honors and celebrates Kun Agüero while meeting the mandatory requirements of the platform. 

With the Kuniverse officially becoming a reality, you can immerse yourself in quests and missions to gather prizes, find collectibles, complete tasks, and fight minions and bosses, among others!

Kun Agüero, through the Kuniverse, is reinventing how he connects with his fans and how they connect with one another. The project was made possible by Globant’s Gaming and Metaverse studios. Click here to learn more about how our studio model brings life to projects like this.

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