Globant and Hadean: A new partnership building immersive metaverse experiences for brands

August 17, 2023

The digital landscape continues to evolve rapidly, and the metaverse, although still taking shape, will continue to embed itself across various stages of consumer experiences in a phygital journey.

The metaverse represents the possibility of converging physical and digital worlds through shared virtual spaces where users can interact, socialize, and conduct business. 

We are delighted to announce a global partnership with Hadean, a spatial computing company bridging physical and virtual worlds with distributed, scalable cloud technology solutions. Together we will develop immersive metaverse experiences for industries such as Sports, Media and Entertainment, and others. This collaboration aims to deliver unparalleled virtual worlds that transform how we interact with, and inside digital spaces.

Globant’s Metaverse mission 

As with every new technology, the metaverse is slowly but steadily gaining popularity, with companies increasingly taking action to develop their own or be part of it as they recognize its value and potential to attract new audiences, deepen community connections and unlock new revenue streams. 

According to Fabien Rossini, our Metaverse consultant, Globant’s metaverse mission is to open portals to the metaverse for brands seeking to explore new ways to engage with their younger users. He emphasizes the importance of companies considering a metaverse strategy now, since it will enable them to build user and fan engagement with Gen Z and Gen Alpha audiences. 

Our Metaverse Studio boasts of specialized digital artisans who are creating unique possibilities in developing end-to-end user experiences, by leveraging years of knowledge gained in the gaming and e-commerce industries. Our goal is to help clients rethink their user offerings and reinvent their business model for the future.

Additionally, brands need to develop interactive and social experiences on multiple channels as the Gaming industry has been doing for decades, which is why Gaming has become an accelerator of technology. Not only is it fun – it also generates a deep and long-lasting engagement with these audiences, and these elements are central to any metaverse strategy.

“We see the metaverse as the next evolution of our social interactions. It has the potential to reinvent fan engagement and unlock new business models, especially in the sports entertainment and media industries. We are happy to join Hadean’s unique technology and expertise with our deep experience in Gaming and AI to deliver the most engaging user experience. We have already teamed up with Hadean to build Pixelynx’s vision to transform the music industry, blurring the lines between music, Gaming, and web3/AI.” – Fabien Rossini, Strategy consultant, and co-leader of the Metaverse Studio in EMEA at Globant.

Laying the foundation for a scalable and interoperable metaverse 

This partnership is genuinely transformative and will pave the way for innovation in the metaverse journey, as it will leverage Globant’s studio skills and consulting expertise alongside Hadean’s unique tech stack, which empowers large-scale, distributed and interoperable virtual worlds. 

Craig Beddis, CEO and Co-Founder of Hadean states, “The metaverse has the power to deepen brands’ connections with global audiences and unlock new revenue streams. However, delivering something meaningful, fun, and interactive requires the technology and capabilities to seamlessly bridge the physical and digital worlds. By combining Globant’s studio expertise and consulting competence with our unique tech capabilities, we can deliver truly rich and immersive events for its partners securely, efficiently, and at scale.” 

The metaverse will undoubtedly open doors for reinventing immersive events and experiences, opening up endless possibilities for brands, businesses, and users alike, as this technology promises to become part of our digital interactions. 

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Learn more about Globant’s metaverse studio to discover how we’re helping brands enter the metaverse.

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The Metaverse Studio focuses on opening portals to digital spaces for our partners by providing a seamless pipeline for digital twin generation and enhanced content production systems, resulting in a presence in the different virtual online words. We help companies create and operate their new virtual spaces where they can extend their brand presence, offering, and creativity, maximizing engagement with their clients and employees while reinventing their business verticals.