Unveiling tomorrow’s media today: Globant’s impact at NAB 2024

With the participation of more than 61.000 attendees, buyers, and press, and more than 1.200 speakers, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event converged technology and entertainment to unlock innovation. Globant’s participation marked a significant milestone in our collaboration journey within the media, entertainment, and technology sectors. With representatives from the Media & Entertainment Studio, and Sportian, our presence was felt throughout the event.

Driving Conversations and Setting Trends

As sponsors of the NAB Streaming Summit, our teams took center stage, sharing insights and expertise in key areas shaping the industry. We sparked conversations driving the future of media delivery and user experience through participation in two pivotal panels.

Luciano Escudero, VP of Media Engineering at Sportian at Globant, participated in the panel “Live Sports Streaming: Where Content Rights and Streaming Technology Collide” along with James Burt, SVP, Broadcast Products; Rob Gelick, Former Chief Product Officer, Paramount; and Mark Donnigan, Principal, d-launch.

Here are some of the key takeaways from his session:

  • Reliability is Paramount, but there is room for experimentation. Escudero emphasized the critical importance of reliability in live event streaming, particularly for significant events. However, he also advocated experimentation with second-tier leagues to test and refine streaming technologies in live settings. One such example is Globant’s work with Major League Rugby, where we embarked on a journey to optimize its product and revenue streams. By leveraging Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms and reevaluating their approach to advertising and monetization, they opened avenues for growth.
  • Maximizing Event Engagement: The panelists emphasized the importance of seizing the two-hour window surrounding live sports events for maximum viewer engagement. Sportian, Globant’s new identity of LaLiga Tech, is building AI-infused solutions that unlock significant value within this timeframe. Ignite your fan engagement is one of Sportian product lines aiming to create 360° experiences.
  • The role of tech in “glass to glass” experiences: Managing the costs associated with media can be a daunting challenge. From orchestrating the entire production process to ensuring seamless delivery to viewers’ living rooms, the complexities abound. This convergence of media and software development underscores the critical role of technology in streamlining operations and minimizing expenses. Globant, a notable player in this arena, collaborates with FIFA on innovative solutions like FIFA+, bridging the gap between spectators and the game through mobile technology.
  • Cost Optimization: James Burt highlighted the need for streaming platforms to balance quality with cost efficiency. Even a 5% reduction in data bits can make a substantial difference in profitability without compromising user experience.
  • Content Rights Evolution: Luciano Escudero raised essential questions about the shifting landscape of content rights management, particularly with the emergence of streaming giants like Amazon Prime and Apple TV. Navigating global content distribution and rights negotiations poses significant challenges, especially for sports organizations. Globant collaborates with organizations like FIFA and LaLiga to optimize distribution workflows. This partnership aims to rapidly adapt the streaming platform for broadcasting live events, even those scheduled on short notice.

Likewise, Alex Otero,  Technical Director at Globant, made thought-provoking contributions in the panel “Defining and Deploying Personalization for Better User Engagement” with the presence of Scott Olechowski, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Plex; Arash Pendari, Founder & Creative Director, Vionlab, and the moderation of Chris Willard, Founder & Strategic Comms Partner, Chris Willard Communications.

Read critical insights from this panel:

  • Reimagining organizational strategies: The panelists highlighted the need for a paradigm shift in organizational strategy, particularly in content discovery. By focusing on personalized recommendations tailored to individual user preferences, platforms can mitigate the risk of user churn due to content disengagement.
  • Harnessing the power of AI: Alex Otero emphasized the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) in enabling personalized content recommendations. Globant is leveraging LLMs to curate tailored content bubbles, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The use of AI to improve the entertainment sector is still in early stages. The presence of bias and the lack of context are some issues companies are still addressing. As Arash Pendari said, “We need to teach AI how we perceive entertainment emotionally.”
  • Understanding user profiles: Panelists delved into the diverse motivations behind user engagement, ranging from catching up on current events to seeking specific content genres. By deciphering user-profiles and behaviors, platforms can optimize the user experience, from the moment they turn on their TV to navigating the platform’s interface. Scott Olechowski mentions how crucial the homepage is in VODs: “70% of the viewing comes from the home screen. Getting that right is the most important.“
  • Exploring new frontiers in mood analysis: Otero introduced Globant’s innovative methods for mood analysis in content consumption, utilizing sentiment analysis and semantic search to enhance platform recommendations based on user mood preferences. He suggested using prompts for users to express preferences explicitly, improving recommendation accuracy.

Fostering partnerships and nurturing relationships

Beyond presentations and discussions, Globant leveraged the event to strengthen partnerships and forge new connections. From quiet meetings with partners to lively gatherings co-hosted with industry giants like AWS and GCP, we fostered an environment of collaboration and shared success.

Looking ahead: Pioneering the future of media

As we reflect on our achievements at NAB Show, we remain committed to pioneering the future of media and technology. Globant, a digitally native company, is poised to lead the industry into a new digital transformation era with technology that dares to delight. With services that range from broadcasting to live OTT operations to sport-tainment engagement, our Media & Entertainment Studio and  AI-infused approach empower our clients through engaging storytelling and dynamic content. 

We look forward to continuing this journey together, shaping the future of media one milestone at a time.



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