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October 10, 2023

In a world where technology constantly reshapes our lives, the media and entertainment industry finds itself at the forefront of a new revolution – the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). 

In the latest Unscripted Tech episode, Andy Eyherabide, Senior Vice-president of Technology at Globant, and Senn Moses, former Managing Director in the Media and Entertainment Reinvention Studio at Globant, shared their insights on how AI is changing the media and entertainment landscape. In this article, we explore the key takeaways from their conversation and the potential impact of AI on the industry.

The integration of AI into media and entertainment isn’t a recent phenomenon. It has evolved for years, with AI used for audience targeting, customer churn prediction, script analysis, live captioning, and content recommendation. However, what’s truly groundbreaking is the emergence of generative AI, a category of AI that employs deep learning models to create novel content across various media formats.

The Impact on the Workforce

One of AI’s most significant implications in media and entertainment is the recent Hollywood screenwriters’ strike. Screenwriters demanded a ban on AI-generated scripts, highlighting the industry’s ongoing struggle to define AI’s role in content creation. The strike underscored the need to establish clear guidelines for AI-generated content’s copyright and authorship.

“We see many workers asking themselves if AI will replace them..and if they should be polishing their resumes, but I don’t think that’s the case. I don’t think AI will replace them, but instead, I do see a future where workers are using AI as a creative copilot to create content. What skills will these workers need? I think they will use natural language to design more effective instructions to generate output, something currently known as prompt engineering.” said Andy Eyherabide. 

Generative AI in Action

Generative AI is already making waves in various segments of the industry. In gaming, titles like Minecraft and Roblox use AI to generate in-game structures and levels. Disney has employed AI in film and TV to de-age actors and create realistic CGI characters. Even Netflix Japan used AI to generate background images for some anime content. However, the use of AI in creative industries, particularly when it comes to scriptwriting, has sparked controversy and legal challenges. 

Senn Moses expressed concern and said, “In the world of generative AI, where machines draw from the creations of humans, it’s a hot mess – a complex terrain with no clear precedents. Ironically, those who stand to profit for years to come may just be the lawyers navigating this uncharted territory”. 

The Future of AI in the Industry

Predicting the future of AI in media and entertainment is a challenging task. However, it is clear that AI, especially generative AI, has the potential to transform the industry by enhancing creative processes, streamlining production, and personalizing content for audiences. AI will play a more significant role in shaping content as it evolves.

“So now we can use AI to generate and iterate story ideas, support research, and generate imagery for concept, art, and storyboards. Not only is this technology a perfect fit for the media industry, but I truly believe it has the potential to change the world as we know it,” concluded Andy Eyherabide. 

Integrating AI into media and entertainment is an ongoing journey filled with challenges and opportunities, such as how the industry could harness AI potential while preserving the essence of creative storytelling. If you want to keep feeding your curiosity towards the possibilities of AI in the media and entertainment industry, listen to the complete conversation between our SMEs on Globant’s Unscripted Tech. 

Unscripted Tech is a Globant original podcast about the trends reshaping the technology landscape… and how we respond to them. For six episodes, we talk with Globers about how artificial intelligence is changing the game for companies across all industries. Host: Rebecca Reed, Digital Marketing Strategist at Globant.

Also, read our full report “Applied AI: Media & Entertainment, How Technology is Changing the Narrative” and continue reading about how AI transforms storytelling by leveraging its capabilities to assist content creators and storytellers.

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