IoT Studio Webinar: A look into the Edge

July 6, 2021

During April, Globant’s IoT Studio hosted a two day webinar focused on Edge Development. This event covered everything from general topics, including security, performance, and the Edge offering on IoT Platforms to more technical subjects such as generating and processing data on the Edge.

Watch the recordings to learn from our experts about the technologies and practices you could consider for upcoming projects.

A look into IoT Edge | Day 1

Talk 1: Top 10 Iot vulnerabilities in IoTGoat

Regardless of consumer, health or industrial applications, IoT security is often considered the weakest link in complex ecosystem chains.

Explore which are the security pain points in IoT and how this affects the edge systems, considered the weakest chain in a complex ecosystem no matter if it is consumer, health or industrial.

Let’s identify it in a deliberately insecure IoT Device and see what happens.

Talk 2: Writing optimal code on IoT devices

Some guidelines were given to optimize the code of IoT devices, especially in those cores with limited resources. The talk promotes optimizations bound to memory, speed, and algorithmic simplification.

Talk 3:  IoT platforms Edge offering

Agility and efficiency requirements are driving IoT platforms as a key element for IoT ecosystems.  We will be lead through reviewing Edge offerings from some well-known players:  Azure IoT, AWS IoT, and Thingworx.

A look into IoT Edge | Day 2

Talk 1: How does Big Data and IoT work together?

In a world where Big Data is king, we are discussing one of the simplest sources for data lakes: sensors. The physical components that compose a sensing system, sources for errors and basic techniques for noise smoothing. 

Talk 2: Edge Audio Processing

Gstreamer media framework overview, focusing on audio streaming for embedded systems. Sharing experiences for audio transcription, analyzing the feasibility to implement offline speech recognition at the edge.

Talk 3: Edge Video Processing

Overview NVIDIA Jetson Nano edge device and Deepstream framework for video processing on embedded systems. Sharing experience for object tracking and recognition on diverse scenarios.


Quoting the host of the event Bill Bronske; a Senior Solutions Architect and AI Subject Matter Expert:

“All of us from Globant are grateful for your interest and participation in this webinar. We are confident that you will find your time well-invested!

IoT is a critical technology link that is rapidly multiplying organizational and consumer value by providing better data-driven decisions, monitoring quality, automating workloads, increasing resource efficiency, and providing better quality of life.

We are optimistic that these sessions will help you to understand the elements needed to develop a robust IoT Edge solution and the opportunities that can be created.”

Find out more on the event site:

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