March 30, 2020

Given the situation we are experiencing globally we recognize that technology plays a key factor in making information readily available and efficient.

For this reason, Globant has developed the first interactive dashboard in the world that allows real-time measurement which enables an efficient use of health resources during the treatment of the pandemic. This dashboard is made available to governments and official entities.

The data used will be available thanks to oficial information uploaded by each hospital, through a platform designed to integrate multiple reporting systems such as via web or WhatsApp.

The goal is to amplify the capacity of the healthcare system and seeks to establish accurate reporting that informs the number of beds (ICU Rooms), health professionals and respirators available, as well as the number of beds with oxygen/gas. This will make it possible to keep track of missing parts in different equipment and of the use of different supplies.

The use of NLP and pre-existing channels such as WhatsApp allows access to information in a simple and almost immediate way, amplifying the capacity of the hospital care system.

We count with the support of Salesforce for the development of this initiative.  Salesforce provided the licenses for a series of data analysis and prediction applications for its correct visualization.

This action is part of the Taking Care initiative by Globant. This aims to provide help to citizens, health systems, and governments through technology.

Globant’s added goal is to contribute to education, through the digital advice of educational entities. Also, to be alongside organizations in this crisis, to guarantee their business continuity.

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