March 30, 2020

A new channel for the citizen, that provides users the opportunity to have a follow-up on their state of health. Through chatbot, citizens can monitor COVID-19 symptoms, be referred to specialists, receive information or make complaints, all through WhatsApp. 

The citizen will only have to register a new contact in their WhatsApp, after which they will start their interaction. From there, users will be guided through different options depending on their answers.

At the same time, the chatbot will take proactive follow-up actions on the patient. The general idea is to be able to quickly adapt the solutions to the health priorities of each country.

This action is part of the Taking Care initiative by Globant. This aims to provide help to citizens, health systems, and governments through technology.

Globant’s added goal is to contribute to education, through the digital advice of educational entities. Also, to be alongside organizations in this crisis, to guarantee their business continuity.

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