What’s AI’s impact on the world of finance? Find out in our Unscripted Tech podcast’

September 26, 2023

In our third season of Globant’s podcast Unscripted Tech, we dive into the latest AI trends and how they impact different industries.

Our second episode discusses how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the financial services industry. Experts on the topic, Lander Gamboa, Director of the Future Finance Studio at Globant, Rachel Armstrong, Studio Partner at Globant UK, and Carlos Gonzalez, Future Finance partner at Globant, explore how financial institutions integrate AI to leverage its benefits to improve processes, user experience, security and more.

Throughout the episode, our specialists highlight key points, such as how the financial realm was among the earliest adopters of AI. Banks and insurance companies have used AI models for years, but the recent developments are making these models even more powerful.

All three experts agree that financial institutions are now seeking AI models that can handle various data sources, from text to images, to gain a 360-degree understanding of their customers. AI can optimize data usage and personalize the customer experience, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Lander Gamboa underlines that AI is transforming customer interactions, assisting employees in becoming more knowledgeable and efficient and addressing two significant gaps in banking processes. Firstly, the hyper-personalization of services, offering customers tailored solutions and information in real time. Secondly, AI is filling the “memory hole” by providing employees with the data they need to interact with customers as if they have an in-depth knowledge of each individual’s financial situation.

Find out what more is in store for financial institutions and services that apply AI by listening to the whole conversation on our podcast, available on different platforms here.

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