MagnifAI 5.0: leveraging Generative AI to enhance the testing journey

May 25, 2023

Globant has been harnessing the power of AI for the last decade, investing and creating best-in-class solutions and platforms to accelerate businesses’ digital transformation journeys. To help quality engineering teams optimize and improve software development, MagnifAI, the automated testing platform, now introduces MagnifAI 5.0, an AI Companion for quality assurance.

Revolutionizing the testing experience 

Since its launch, MagnifAI’s aims to optimize testing processes through the power of AI to automate tasks and empower human capabilities, allowing testers to concentrate on high-value activities. 

The platform enables easier and faster visual bug detection through AI-powered visual testing capabilities, increasing efficiency and ensuring digital products meet customers’ expectations.

As AI technology continues to evolve, bringing new possibilities, MagnifAI is incorporating generative AI capabilities into its platform to further assist and automate the testing process.

Introducing MagnifAI 5.0

The testing process involves several tedious and monotonous tasks, often consuming valuable time that could be spent on more meaningful creative assignments. MagnifAI 5.0 helps manual testers, test automation engineers, and many other quality engineering professionals eliminate repetitive tasks and speed up software development by focusing on what matters.

Here’s how MagnifAI 5.0 supercharges the QA processes: 

  • It simplifies Automation Code Creation by assisting the development of automation scripts. All it takes is to input requirements, and the platform will create code snippets in the language of your choice, helping teams save time in automation code creation.
  • It streamlines Manual Test Case Creation by easily transforming requirements into manual test cases, freeing up QA teams to focus on high-level tasks that add more value to the software development process. 


The functionalities added in MagnifAI 5.0 perfectly complement MagnifAI’s visual testing solution. They can accelerate the way of writing test cases that use its computer vision models as well as now even more use cases (ie: functional test cases, back-end cases, and more!) 

Click here to learn more about what this new release means to the quality assurance space.

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