GeneXus Next: Leveraging AI assistants to reinvent software development

March 10, 2023

Globant has been at the forefront of the AI movement for over ten years, heavily investing in research and development with projects like MagnifAI, Augoor, and Navigate. The company has always kept an eye on opportunities to strengthen its capabilities in this specialization and the process of software development, so it acquired 30 years of AI assistant research expertise as part of the GeneXus acquisition. It was all part of a grander vision. 

GeneXus, on the other hand, has had a mantra for its users since its beginnings: “Describe what you need and let GeneXus AI create the code and databases.” 

With the advent of ChatGPT and LLMs, Globant and GeneXus envisioned taking the “describe an application” approach to a new level by merging emerging AI technology with GeneXus’s proven AI-powered platform. The result is GeneXus Next, a combination of different AI assistants and powerful GeneXus technology that simplifies the creation, delivery, and maintenance of enterprise software solutions in record time.

Bridging the understanding gap

Through deterministic symbolic AI with LLM capabilities, GeneXus Next levels the playing field. Routinely, the software creation process involves many different profiles of professionals, each using their own programming languages, and unique interactions: from designers to developers to testers. By allowing standardized inputs, no matter what discipline or coding language someone is knowledgeable in, they can create valuable outputs by leveraging the tool. 

You describe, GeneXus builds.

GeneXus Next allows using natural language as common input for each profile. In essence, you can use natural language requirements and prompts to create complex business workflows or for data modeling, use sketched images to generate fully interactive UIs, or use audio instructions to evolve the system functionality. Simply put, if you can describe it, GeneXus can build it. 

Why AI? 

The demand for AI is growing rapidly, especially with consumer-facing generative AI products, such as in-market Chatgpt and Google’s Bard, on the horizon. Recognizing the seismic shift in how information is gathered, how things are built, and the overall capabilities of AI, we leveraged our existing AI capabilities and combined them with our expertise in emerging technology to create a powerful tool that continues to push the boundaries of software development.

Globant has been at the forefront of AI technology for over ten years, providing sustainable value to our clients, creating best-in-class solutions from our in-house experts, and advising on third-party AI platforms.

Coming soon to GeneXus Next

GeneXus and Globant are always evolving, as will the GeneXus Next product. In fact, there are even more improvements to our AI model in the works. The next iterations of the AI functionality will include: 

  1. App generation. Ask the AI Assistant to create a draft of custom Design Systems on the GeneXus Panel. The AI will take care of it for you, automatically generate all the tokens and styles, and apply them to your project. The code will be generated and deployed automatically.
  2. Business process optimization. Ask our AI Assistant for suggestions of business processes so you can initiate them based on Standard BPM Notation. This workflow can be automatically deployed, generating the web and mobile inboxes ready to run.
  3. Image generation. Request the AI for quick image generation during development to improve prototyping time.
  4. Application panel modeling. When you need a new screen for your project, simply jot it down, describe it to the AI Assistant, and watch it deliver it along with the appropriate data you need to manage.
  5. Transaction modeling. Based on a simple description, the AI Assistant can model the Data Structure that GeneXus will later use to create the Data Models and Data Bases you need.


AI technology has been a key part of Globant’s value proposition for many years and a factor in how we revolutionize how companies reinvent themselves; software development plays a big role. In addition to GeneXus, we are revolutionizing the industry with Augoor, which applies AI to make the coding process faster, more creative, and more effective. 

GeneXus Next is revolutionizing the way software development is conducted, click here to learn more. As part of our broad technology and innovation expertise, Globant is skilled in creating AI solutions that impact businesses globally. Find out how we’re helping organizations adopt an AI mindset here

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