Globant & Pvolve: How infusing technology helped bring this unique fitness program to life

June 15, 2023

Thousands of workout programs are widely available for humans to follow and for good reason. According to the United States Department of Health, individuals should aim to get 150 minutes of aerobic activity combined with vigorous strength training each week. Too often, these activities lead to negative consequences because of their high impact, a problem that the founder of Pvolve, Rachel Katzman, sought to fix after dealing with the negative fallout from a prior fitness approach. She aimed to design a fitness routine that focused on enhancing everyday, functional fitness.

With great demand and noise in the fitness industry, having a proven, safe and effective scheme is only one part of the equation to have a commercially successful product. The other ingredient: a world-class experience. To attain that goal, the Pvolve team knew they needed a digital partner with a strong track record of implementing innovative and never-before-seen solutions to bring them from their setup of Skype and Zoom virtual classes to a professional and polished online and mobile platform. That’s where the Globant team rose as a top partner contender for the organization. 

Pvolve’s fitness expertise, united with Globant’s reinvention approach

Globant quickly leveraged our global team to address the requirements of Pvolve’s engagement. This meant pulling in the best experts from our various Studios, representing pools of talent with deep knowledge in specialized technologies and industries. Some of the achievements include:

  • A seamless Omnichannel Experience, integrating on-demand streaming, live sessions, in-studio, and franchises
  • Finding content easily, including new search and filtering implementation providing quick and accurate results
  • Implemented a new Agile methodology, which was vital to be flexible and attend business and marketing needs
  • A modern and mature testing approach that enhanced the ability to launch new features quicker
  • Clearly documented processes for new developments

“Globant has been key to taking Pvolve to the next level and helping us to deliver our unique value to our members globally. You [Globant] are a world-class organization and your business and technology acumen shines through” – Julie Cartwright, President, Pvolve.

Personalization delights customers

In our initial assessment to understand the Pvolve customer, we learned that the desire to have a personalized experience is present in the fitness industry, just like in many others. The ability to deliver on this desire for customers became a foundation of the Pvolve business model and one that was followed to build their digital experience. 

A unique way that Pvolve adapts workout recommendations is to an individual women’s health circumstances and menstrual cycle. Through a complex algorithm, workouts are recommended to optimize women’s health. In alignment with that, specific other health components are recommended, such as nutrition advice. 

A world-class experience, gaining the attention of celebrities and common folk

The partnership between Pvolve and Globant produced an experience that brought top-tier content on-demand, live, and in-person, all enabled through a seamless digital experience. The wellness approach has scaled to users globally. It has also gained recognition and adoption by celebrities endorsing the method, including one who found it after suffering from an injury. 

Read the full story about Globant and Pvolve’s partnership. 

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