What’s behind the design process? Find out in our podcast, Design Backstage

March 9, 2023

Where did graphic design come from? Is it an innate human ability? While some people claim that design began with the Industrial Revolution, others place its origin in the era of artists like Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci. Others argue that the act of designing comes from the moment we took an object to modify our environment. 

Responding to the aforementioned question of the origin of design is debatable, but what is certain is that design is a part of our everyday lives. We find it everywhere, all the time. There are different ways of understanding and approaching design, and it has become a key part of the engine that drives technological development. 

Design Backstage is a podcast aimed at designers (as well as non-designers) experts, or those just starting out, to join our conversation about design as a tool for reinvention. 

This podcast aims to open a space for our Globers to share their knowledge, generating a learning community through research, conversation and feedback. 

The first season of Design Backstage will be centered on the basic themes of design so that students and recent entrants to the career can find their own path toward the industry, combining design and technology.

Inspiring, creative, inclusive and honest, our experts will talk about various topics, from the most popular design tools in the industry, the soft skills that a designer needs to develop, the profiles that companies are looking for in the digital world, and much more. 

Join our conversation and immerse yourself in the world of design in the digital era. Listen to Design Backstage here. 

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