Ushering in the next era of reinvention with Globant’s Enterprise Platforms Studios

December 7, 2022

A Q&A with Diego Maldonado, Executive Vice President of Globant Enterprise Platforms

 We recently marked an important event for Globant – the official launch of our Enterprise Platforms Studios. Here to explain more about how this offer will help clients accelerate their transformation journey and amplify their existing enterprise platform investments is Diego Maldonado, Executive Vice President of Globant Enterprise Platforms.

 Tell me more about your Enterprise Platforms Studios. Why did you launch it, and what value does it bring clients?

 At Globant, we believe that the long-term success of every company is inextricably linked to its ability to reinvent itself. Now more than ever, companies need to be able to adapt to market changes and disruption to survive and thrive. This necessity requires new levels of agility and precision across core business operations.

 Our Enterprise Platforms Studios fosters a new delivery model that combines our robust advisory services with our market-leading expertise across all major enterprise platforms, including Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP. With this offer, we provide clients with deep strategic and implementation services for each cloud technology and the ability to seamlessly combine different experts from across platforms to optimize their investment and accelerate their transformation journey. Our goal is to help organizations reinvent the very foundation of the business to support dynamic transformation.

 What about this offer is differentiated?

 The first thing that differentiates us is how we approach the engagement. We named the offer “enterprise platforms” and not “enterprise applications” for a reason. For many of our clients, Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP were historically seen as independent applications – and we still provide advisory and implementation services for each platform individually. 

However, with this new model, we help clients connect independent pieces to optimize the company’s existing investments with different SaaS providers and create an end-to-end solution architecture that could include CRM, CPQ, CLM, billing, and ERP. These systems become a very potent, powerful platform when taken together, and the business unlocks tremendous value.

 Second, I want to stress that even though we are introducing this new model to the market, it’s certainly not new to Globant. Over the past two decades, we’ve built strong partnerships with these platforms and helped countless clients customize and implement them in their environment. What’s different is that we’re bringing together everything the organization needs to transform core business operations in one place, on one team. That’s not readily available in the market today, so it’s a very compelling offer for companies.

 What makes Globant well-suited for this work?

 First, I will say that Globant is a digitally native company. We were born digital, in the cloud – unlike our competitors that are now in the process of building their digital capabilities and offers. We’ve been doing this since day one, and we already have the experience, technology, and track record of doing this complex digital transformation work.

 Second, our company’s culture is based on moving fast and delivering value for our clients. We do digital transformation through a unique custom development model, empowering our teams via our own agile pod methodologies. We also incorporate new digital technologies, developed and owned by our company, to guide our programs, improve efficiency, optimize processes, and generate results. This dramatically reduces the average multi-year timeline for typical implementation or migration programs, such as with ERP, and gives Globant a significant edge. 

 Finally, we have a genuinely outstanding global team with deep expertise across CRM, CPQ, CLM, billing, ERP, RPA, and process mining. Some of these people have spent their entire careers helping clients implement solutions that will allow them to run their businesses better. They have lived through and, in some cases, helped lead the enterprise application era.

 These three things really set Globant apart in the market and provide outstanding value to our customers.

 Tell me about some of the services and Globant X technology that underpins the Enterprise Platform Studios.

 What excites me most about this delivery model is what we bring to the table: our best-in-class advisory and implementation services for Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and process optimization, plus our expertise from related Studios, such as Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, Metaverse, and Industry Reinvention; plus ground-breaking technology – all in one seamless package for our clients. This delivers a powerful, integrated offer that helps clients optimize existing investments and unlock additional benefits across the business.  

For example, our Salesforce and Metaverse Studios worked together to develop and launch an integrated service offering that helps companies monetize their metaverse initiatives within Salesforce. Through this integration, organizations can track, unite, and activate data from new experiences across their Customer 360. The metaverse goes from a potentially siloed effort to a value driver across sales, marketing, and operations. 

Finally, we apply our proprietary, purpose-built technologies to make enterprise applications even more powerful. These include:

  1. Augoor is our AI-enabled tool that makes development easier and faster by making code more accessible to the development team. Augoor uses intelligent automation to auto-tag and manage queries, helping developers quickly understand the code base across multiple repositories. This functionality helps teams focus on creating rather than understanding and fixing code. 
  1. Navigate is a tool we own that uses process mining techniques combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a digital twin, which is a virtual, graphical representation of a company’s processes. Using this digital twin concept, Navigate helps companies identify bottlenecks and opportunities to improve operations and make better decisions based on data coming from your products and systems.
  1. GeneXus for SAP Systems provides an agile, low-code, future-proof development platform that empowers companies to create customized, native software experiences leveraging SAP technologies – without deep technical knowledge or the need for low-level programming. 

 Our Enterprise Platforms Studios team, armed with these technologies and working alongside Globant X, the group that helps clients turn transformative tech into scalable platforms, helps clients tap into a compelling and diverse ecosystem that will accelerate their enterprise transformation roadmap and make these already powerful tools even stronger.

 Can you give me an example of how the Enterprise Platforms Studio works?

 Our team has been engaged in this type of transformational work for decades, and we’ve worked with clients to do some very innovative things. Some of our most exciting engagements include:

  1. Working with a retail client to implement the Audit360 Globant Solution powered by SAP-BTP, an automated AI/RPA and chatbot-driven solution that enables end-to-end inventory visibility on the shop floor, resulting in stock inventory control improvements of up to 30%.
  2. Leveraging Navigate to help a biotech client create a digital twin that enables data-driven decisions for critical processes in hospitals.
  3. Incorporating Augoor into a long-standing financial services client’s Salesforce environment to reduce support, research, and code documentation times by 70%.
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