New Cybersecurity Studio: it was time to formalize our studio offerings

May 18, 2018
We have launched our Cybersecurity Studio. The new studio brings together Globant’s expertise in the area, built after years of working with customers providing cybersecurity services. The Cybersecurity Studio unifies the company’s knowledge under a single umbrella, supporting Globant’s entire range of services from product conceptualization through execution to ensure that all customer platforms are safe and secure.
As data privacy and security become increasingly top of mind, today’s organizations risk business if they don’t have the proper strategies for staying ahead of cyber attacks. To remedy this gap across customers, Globant has formalized its cybersecurity offerings.
“A lack of investment in cybersecurity is like driving a car without airbags. While the car can still drive, you may not make it to Point B in one piece,” says Esteban Ribicic, Cybersecurity Studio Partner at Globant. “Right now, most digital platforms are operating without airbags. At Globant, we’re working to make sure that cybersecurity is embedded into the DNA of all of our projects from Day One, and this new studio is just another way to make sure our customers get the best solutions for their businesses.”
The Cybersecurity Studio will provide three specific security offerings:

  • Security Assessment. Based on an assessment of customer security needs, a security expert collaborates with Globant’s Digital Solutions Teams to ensure needs are met throughout the functional and design phases of project development without compromising user experience. Ultimately, this service ensures digital experiences will be secure.
  • Vulnerability management. The Globant team will monitor published security vulnerabilities that could affect customers’ digital platforms. The team will notify customers of the risk and assess how to contain and fix the vulnerability.
  • Application Monitoring. Globant will monitor traffic on users’ digital platforms 24/7 and keep an eye out for security attacks. The team will handle events with strict predefined protocols to contain and mitigate potential incidents.

“It’s undeniable that security vulnerabilities are everywhere,” furthers Martín Migoya, CEO of Globant. “We are in an era in which digital platforms should not just be a joy to use, but also provide users confidence that they are secure. This is why this new studio is so important, as we continue to provide our customers with top-level solutions for their complete business lifecycle.”
Leading this studio is Pablo VillarrealEsteban Ribicic and Gastón Fourcade. Villarreal spent the last eleven years building the Information Security Team at Globant. There, he lead a group of talented security analysts and engineers to create a dynamic and pragmatic information security program, capable of dealing with today’s business needs for a wide variety of customers. Ribicic helped lead the information security program, where he is responsible for vulnerability management, as well as regular consulting and automation software development. Fourcade was born in the datacenter, evolved to the cloud. His most recent achievements include supporting organizations prepare for the cloud with the same or higher levels of confidence and security than on premise scenarios, particularly in the most traditional industries like financial and travel. Together, they aim to produce next-level services to all of Globant’s current and future clients.
To learn more about Globant’s Cybersecurity Studio, visit

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The Cybersecurity Studio focuses on reducing our clients’ cybersecurity risks. To help businesses adapt, we established a Digital Cybersecurity Framework founded by our key practices. Our value proposition considers an active participation in the software development process and a proactive view on cybersecurity solutions that include regular vulnerability tests and threat intelligence.