Trends in the world of work for 2023: Is your organization ready for what’s next?

December 29, 2022

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near,” says Jack Welch. We are not facing a significant change anymore; we are living in a changing mode every single day of our lives. The ability of people and organizations to be flexible and adapt to new contexts will be a competitive advantage. However, driving change, it’s not easy. One in three CEOs failed to achieve the desired outcome from past transformation initiatives.

One option is to ask ourselves why new strategies and attempts at change fail. Reviewing the blockages is vital for the success of an initiative. Still, to truly prepare for the future, there is an even more significant challenge: to forge a mindset for true evolution that cuts across culture and impacts business results. What does it take to hack your mindset and become a game changer?   

In this easy-to-digest report, we will focus on key emerging trends you should consider to turn uncertainty into opportunity and make your organization prepare for change. Throughout the report, you will find information, methodologies, and concrete ideas to start on the road to digital transformation and to understand how to take advantage of new technologies to impact the culture, work dynamics, and engagement and retention of people.  

Being a step ahead is critical to keep seeking our reinvention. Globant’s Cultural Hacking Studio gathers insights and highlights findings to analyze, share, and even question yourself about the best strategy for next year and beyond.  

Find our Cultural Hacking 2023 workplace call-to-action trends to discover how to thrive in today’s dynamic workforce. 

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The Cultural Hacking Studio specializes in boosting organizational transformation by designing change strategies, transformation roadmaps, and cultural visions. It combines change management, organizational design, upskilling, organizational behavior, and talent engagement, focusing on crafting cultures of empowered people that help organizations reach their purpose and business goals.