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August 25, 2021

It was recently announced that Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, has acquired Slack Technologies, Inc. As a Summit level partner with 16 years of experience implementing Salesforce for clients around the globe, Globant is excited to be able to provide Slack customers with implementation, integration, and custom development solutions.

Our cognitive and digital transformation practices, combined with the power of Slack, enables organizations to create a culture of empowered people, transforming the way they communicate and collaborate in an effort to reach their business goals. We help organizations harness Salesforce and Slack’s unified platform that connects employees, customers and partners, providing the tools they need to thrive in the new era of work.

One of Globant’s key differentiators is our studio model. Under the umbrella of each of our pillars, our studios exist to create a way forward. They are deep pockets of expertise on the latest technologies and trends that deliver tailored solutions for specific challenges.

We are creating synergy by combining methodologies and practices from Cultural Hacking, Agile Delivery, and Salesforce Studios. Combining cross-disciplinary expertise from these studios enables us to offer a complete solution to transform enterprise communication and collaboration, focusing not only on technology, but also on building a culture of empowered people.

It’s no secret that organizational culture is key to navigating the new demands of the market and adapting to an all-new way to work. As a result  we developed a Cultural Framework to help organizations evolve into digital cultures as well as our Cultural Hacking and Business Hacking Studios that maximize Slack value. Our studios include the following practices:

  1. Talent journeys. The crafting of how work can be done through Slack’s workspaces and channels that have a direct impact on the talent’s productivity. 
  2. Cultural strategy. In-depth definition and alignment of cultural goals and expected results.
  3. Governance design. The definition of organizational Roles & Responsibilities, Policies, and Processes for ongoing support of Slack.
  4. Technical foundation. The definition of technical architecture, value-add apps, and integration and security of information that allow employees to complete all their work in Slack.
  5. Change management. The systemic and sensible management of change in order to ensure Slack adoption and momentum. 
  6. Leadership mindset & organizational upskilling. The empowerment of leadership through the education, practice, and experimentation of Slack capabilities.

This acquisition represents an opportunity to take a step further in how we help organizations create a way forward, harnessing the power of Slack’s implementation, organizational transformation, and 360° customer view.

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