How can cutting edge technology help our offices become an innovative workplace?

October 9, 2018

In this new blog, we bring three Globant Labs applications that help us improve the dynamics of Globant offices: BriefMe, Spaces and Alva.
BriefMe is an application created by Globers to communicate information through televisions distributed in all of Globant’s offices. It enables information to be disseminated centrally (everywhere) or personalized (by the office or even by specific TV). The content is disseminated according to what you want to show. You can include tools in the content: Internal (News, Updates from StarMeUp) and external (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).
On the other hand, Globers had the need to see what is happening in real time in the office and take advantage of spaces and opportunities. That’s why they created Spaces, an application that can help them find available meeting places, people and parking lots. The application will let you know which spaces are occupied and in which part of the facility a person is located all in real time. At this moment, the product and technology that will be used are still being defined.
Alva is an initiative that comes to help the Facilities area to detect points of improvement for energy savings. Labs developed an application that takes all the data from the sensors and arms the reports with the next objective of automating and controlling the lighting and air conditioning. Through the installation of sensors in the offices of Argentina, they can monitor the energy and temperature consumption.
We hope that these applications begin to work in all our sites worldwide to improve the dynamics of our offices.
Oficinas Globant
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