User search intent: What it is and how can it help to improve website traffic

April 11, 2023

What is user search intent?

 User search intent is the motivation or purpose behind a user’s search on a search engine. This process is essential for creating useful and relevant content that meets users’ needs.

 This analysis aims to understand which URLs the user stays at and what prevents the visit from becoming a conversion so that we can refine each of the user’s steps in the purchase process.


 What should be taken into account when analyzing the user’s search intent?

 To begin with, it is necessary to consider all the keywords relevant to our web page, that is, all those that reflect the idea of what we want to convey to the user. We must take into account the different intentions that the user may have when searching.

 On the other hand, it is essential to understand our competitors’ situation and how they position themselves for the keywords relevant to our website.


What types of search are there?


  • Informational

The user navigates intending to find more specific information on a subject they do not intend to buy. Usually, this type of search has keywords like “how to, “what it is,” or “how to use,” etc.

To take advantage of this intention, generating content that answers these user questions is necessary.


  • Navigational

The user is halfway between the informational and transactional search. They are searches that have the objective of finding a specific website. Usually, this type of search includes the name of the company, the name of the website, or a concept associated with the brand.

 To take advantage of this type of search, it is necessary to have the web page correctly optimized so that users can find the information they are looking for as efficiently as possible.


  •  Transactional

The user performs a search to buy or carry out a transaction. Usually, these searches include words like “buy,” “offer,” or “price.”


 To take advantage of this type of search, the website must contain information about products and services that encourage the user to complete the purchase.

 Being clear about the user’s search intention provides us with different benefits on our website. We will improve our traffic, visibility, and our conversions.

The objective of the types of searches is to categorize our keywords to satisfy the user’s needs in each purchase process, thus ensuring user conversion.

 Once we obtain the data and categorize it, we must proceed to the analysis, where we will draw patterns and conclusions that will serve as the basis for defining a strategy with specific actions for the web.

 Ultimately, our goal is to provide a positive user experience and connect you with the answers you seek without resorting to other media or web pages.

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